UW Information Technology

UW-IT provides researchers a wide array of tools to advance their research.

Propelling UW research with double the computing power

UW researchers can now access double the computing power to advance their research. A major upgrade to Hyak, the UW’s on-site shared cluster supercomputer, includes more powerful processors, faster connection speeds and greater data storage. Hyak increases the UW’s competitive edge in research, with more than 60 research groups across the UW relying on it to do their work.

Funding supports students’ access to cloud computing

UW students can tap into the power of cloud computing for data-driven research and academic projects, thanks to $70,000 in grants to the High Performance Computing Club from the Student Technology Fee. The club offers students training, networking and mentorship opportunities in high performance computing, both through the cloud and the UW’s on-site supercomputer.

Fast network, cloud platform aids in cancer surgeries

A UW-developed light-sheet microscope can give surgeons real-time pathology data to guide cancer-removal surgeries, with essential links to high-speed networking and cloud-supported data collection provided through a partnership with UW-IT. This new capability can help surgeons reliably determine if they removed all the cancerous tissue faster.