UW Information Technology

Moving Forward initiatives for FY 2018 to support the work of the University, organized by UW-IT’s Seven Strategic Goals.

Enable Innovative Teaching & Learning

Help students find degree programs that match their interests and aptitudes and enhance their academic success through new and enhanced MyPlan features.

Improve students’ ability to discover and participate in co-curricular activities — internships, study abroad, community service, mentoring, and more — by better leveraging information in existing student systems.

Ensure the UW’s Canvas learning management system meets instructors’ needs and student data is safeguarded by implementing new standards for use of third-party tools and integrations with Canvas and by working with instructors to identify tools suitable for future development.

Offer course dashboards to help instructors improve the student experience by providing information about current and past student performance, majors and other data.

Improve access to personal and relevant information on MyUW for students, faculty and staff with a new mobile-friendly upgrade to MyUW for faculty and staff and a UW site search for students.

Facilitate a more cohesive student learning experience across traditional, hybrid and online course offerings through instructional tools, such as Canvas, Panopto, Poll Everywhere and others.

Ensure accessibility of video content for all students and instructors by developing a University-wide captioning service.

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Support World-Class Research

Match researchers with technology solutions that best meet their science and computational needs by offering a research consultancy that helps them with data science and high performance computing technologies.

Support UW researchers in leveraging cloud computing to advance their work and take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility, cost effectiveness and data security by expanding the Cloud and Data Solutions program in partnership with eScience Institute.

Broaden UW researchers’ awareness of Hyak, the UW’s on-site, high-performance supercomputer, to support their needs for computational power that is scalable and cost-effective.

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Modernize Information & Business Systems

Continue to help UW employees navigate Workday, the University’s new human resources, payroll and benefits system, and support its stabilization through the work of the Integrated Service Center.

Better manage academic curriculum changes by further developing an online curriculum review and approval process through the UW Curriculum Management system.

Provide easier access to higher quality and more consistent data by adding new data to the Enterprise Data Warehouse, rolling out Tableau software, and producing dashboards, reports and other data analysis tools in UW Profiles.

Enable online course registration for students in fee-based degree programs by extending the University’s online registration system to UW Continuum College students.

Deliver financial aid packages to students and families faster while increasing efficiencies for the UW Office of Student Financial Aid through a new, paperless system for processing and disbursing financial aid.

Ensure Workday is usable by UW faculty, staff and student workers with disabilities and accessible to all users, and continue making major contributions to improve product accessibility.

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Provide Access to Excellent Infrastructure

Leverage cloud capabilities to increase resiliency, provide flexibility and reduce cost by deploying private cloud solutions to replace aging server and storage infrastructure.

Evaluate the potential to reduce costs and increase resiliency of the University’s email infrastructure by evaluating Amazon Web Services cloud offerings.

Improve wireless speed and performance across the University by completing the wireless refresh project and updating the wireless infrastructure to support the growing number of mobile devices, higher bandwidth demands and customized wireless services.

Streamline self-service enrollment process for creating new personal UW NetIDs, including setting up account recovery options, two-factor authentication (2FA) devices and initial email contact addresses.

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Enhance Collaboration

Enable collaboration anywhere, anytime and with anyone by expanding cloud-based services and collaboration platforms, including modernizing the UW email systems and integrating Zoom videoconferencing service with other enterprise systems.

Enhance collaboration and reduce costs by retiring legacy email and several Catalyst Web Tools and moving users to more modern, feature-rich cloud services including Google G Suite apps, Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud-based solutions.

Free up time and staffing required by UW units to provision their own collaboration solutions by providing enterprise-level solutions, expertise in tool selection and vendor management, and centralized training resources.

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Reduce Enterprise Risk

Raise the transparency of potential risk in web-based services by promoting the adoption of privacy statement and terms of use on University websites.

Reduce risk with data security agreements in vendor contracts by providing a confidential data guidance tool to help the UW community understand how to use and store confidential data.

Proactively detect risks and threats by improving incident detection methods and tools, network visibility and traffic analysis.

Improve security of wireless communications by delivering encrypted Wi-Fi for UW students, faculty and staff.

To ensure that critical UW administrative systems function in case of disaster, enhance the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Programs, which now feature geographic redundancy of applications and data outside the Western Washington region.

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Better IT Management

Make it easier to find and access UW-IT services by redesigning the UW-IT Service Catalog and customer support tools to be more user-friendly, customer-focused and actionable.

Provide a more cohesive customer experience across the UW and increase efficiencies by expanding the number of UW units subscribing to the UW Connect service management tool.

Gather customer input more often as an essential part of improving UW-IT services by increasing the frequency of UW-IT Customer Experience Surveys, in coordination with other UW surveys.

Improve access to software by ensuring that the centralized UWare software directory is more comprehensive and by streamlining the process for UW customers to acquire licensed software.

Support collaboration, information sharing and opportunities for professional growth among University IT professionals through Communities of Practice, the UW TechConnect annual conference, quarterly Tech Talks and other outreach efforts.

Strengthen how teams work together to meet business goals and respond to change by promoting adoption of new strategic approaches, training of staff in IT skills for the future, and developing decision-making guidelines for the UW Finance Transformation program.

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