UW Information Technology

As the UW embarks on an era of modernization, starting with the HR/Payroll Modernization program, UW-IT collaborates with partners to provide critical support for business operations.

Electronic signature offers security, greater efficiency

UW departments can use the new eSignatures electronic signature service to send, sign, manage and retain documents, speeding up processing times while reducing paper use. Users upload and send documents for electronic signature, quickly and securely access and sign documents, and securely store signed documents online. The service is offered at no cost to UW departments.

Knowledge Navigator makes it easier to understand key UW data

New features in the Knowledge Navigator tool make it easier to understand and explore UW human resources, financial and other administrative data, with a trove of glossaries and data definitions. New interactive diagrams help users better understand information in Workday by demonstrating how the new system stores and organizes employee information.

Explore the UW’s global reach with new dashboards

Explore the UW’s global impact with new Global Engagement dashboards in the UW Profiles data visualization portal. The dashboards show UW’s global footprint in research, study abroad destinations, and in recruiting and graduating international students. This work was used to create an interactive global map for the Office of Global Affairs that illustrates UW’s global reach.