UW Information Technology

UW-IT budget focuses on highest UW priorities

UW-IT manages an annual budget of approximately $104.5 million to provide support to the University community through the IT service areas listed below. UW-IT is committed to transparency and accountability to the UW community, and carefully ensures that limited resources are allocated to the highest priorities, with input from information technology governance boards and committees comprised of representatives from across the University.

UW-IT Expenses

Service Category Dollars
Administrative Systems $24,335,640
Ancillary Admin Systems $1,417,579
Data Analytics $3,415,197
Document Management $2,073,912
Financial Systems $2,761,753
HR Payroll Systems $7,072,489
Student Systems $7,594,710
Collaboration $7,514,639
Productivity Suite $3,511,655
Software Licenses $4,002,984
Enterprise Risk Management $5,257,982
Accessibility Resources $1,625,529
Emergency Preparedness $352,355
Information Security $3,280,098
IT Infrastructure $59,011,006
Application Developer Platform $1,776,600
Computing and Storage $16,362,287
Data Centers $3,313,966
Data Networks $21,991,815
Identity and Access Management $3,013,877
Regional Networks $4,853,813
Telecommunications $7,698,648
IT Management $3,903,914
UW-IT Consulting $139,964
UW-IT Service Desk $2,921,804
UW-IT Administration $842,146
Research $953,297
Research Computing $953,297
Teaching and Learning $3,477,195
Instructional Apps $3,477,195
Total Expenses $104,453,675

UW-IT Funding by Source

Sources Dollars
State Appropriations, Tuition and Indirect Cost Recovery $51,788,386
Self-Sustaining Services $26,688,440
Technology Recharge Fee $21,107,000
Carryover Funds $4,869,849
Total Funds $104,453,675