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About the Year in Partnerships 2017

The scope and breadth of work produced by students, faculty and staff across the University of Washington is astounding. At UW-IT, we are proud to partner with them to enrich the student experience, support research, modernize business systems, improve IT infrastructure and enhance collaboration.

We help our partners leverage technology to advance teaching, learning, innovation and discovery, wherever they are: at UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, on the Seattle campus or at other locations in Washington and across the globe.

This series tells the stories of how we work together for the greater good. We invite you to read more.


Many thanks to the UW faculty, staff, students and subject matter experts who contributed their expertise and stories to this Partnerships report. They include UW Bothell Associate Professor of Physical Sciences Eric Salathé; UW Climate Impacts Group Research Scientist Guillaume Mauger; Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Chemical Engineering and Microbiology Mary Lidstrom; Department of Chemical Engineering Professor and eScience Institute Director of Research David Beck; Evans School of Public Policy & Governance Associate Dean for Executive Education Justin Marlowe; Evans School Chief Digital Officer Molly Jay; Office of the Provost Director of Learning Technologies Nate McKee and his team: Julie Cruse, Robyn Foshee and Dave Coffey; Ondo State Ministry of Health in Nigeria Program Manager Abiola Ogunenika; the College of Arts & Sciences’ business and finance administrative team: Linda Nelson, Heidi Tilghman and Ivy Mason; City of Bellevue’s Chief Technology Officer and Board Chair of the Community Connectivity Consortium Chelo Picardal; and UW-IT’s Erik Lundberg, Nancy Jagger, Jan Eveleth, Chance Reschke, Rob Fatland, Amanda Tan, Mark Strand, Jack Daviau, Jill Hoven, Haley Pingree and Adam Davis.

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