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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 46 Number 3 (July 1955)


The Promise of a University: An Appreciation of J. Allen Smith. Joseph B. Harrison, 65-71

Developing Library Resources for Pacific Northwest History. James T. Barb, 72-78

Politics in the Panhandle: Opposition to the Admission of Washington and North Idaho, 1886-1888. Merle W. Wells, 79-89

Plight of the Ancon. Ethel Sabin Smith, 90-93


Rich, ed., John Rae's Correspondence with the Hudson's Bay Company on Arctic Exploration, 1844-1855, by John S. Galbraith, 94

Barker, Henry George, by Thomas J. Pressly, 94-95

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 95-96

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