UW Emergency Management

Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Effective May 29, 2008, the University of Washington no longer supports the UW CERT program.  All CERT training, program support and event activations are officially discontinued as of this date.  Click HERE to view a copy of the official CERT program closure memo.   All information on this UWEM CERT webpage is provided as a historical record and should be used only for informational purposes.  Thank you for your support of the program during our initial pilot and successful campus-wide roll-out period.


The University of Washington is a community of nearly 60,000 people, and its residents depend on it for livelihood, sustenance, housing, and many other services. Yet it could be severely impacted by the effects of a major earthquake, a prolonged winter storm, a serious hazardous materials spill, or other disaster. At a minimum, services and support from Seattle, King County, or the State will likely be committed elsewhere for up to 3 days or more.

In order to better prepare the campus for such an emergency, the UW Emergency Management supports the establishment of Campus Emergency Response Teams (CERT’s) in University buildings. There teams established in several buildings across campus. Many of these buildings have disaster supplies pre-positioned in them as well.

The UW CERT team continues to receive training and participate in disaster drills with other emergency response units from the University and the local community.

If you have any questions about the prior UW CERT program, please contact UWEM at 206-897-8000, or disaster@uw.edu