UW Emergency Management

Current Campus Weather

Are you looking for information on the weather at the Seattle campus?  Confused as to where to find the best, most accurate and authoritative source for this information?  Ever wonder where UWEM gets its information during snowstorms and floods?

The UW relies on a variety of sources for weather issues and conditions/forecasts.  There are currently dozens of free and subscription services, apps, websites, local “experts” and other sources for this information; however, have one thing in common:  they all use the raw data and expert analysis of their local National Weather Service (NWS) office and personnel!

As a NWS- certified “Storm Ready” campus, UWEM has built a strong relationship with our partners at the local NWS offices, located just 3 miles away at Sandpoint.  During times of extreme weather where advisories, watches and warnings are issued, we have the ability to receive direct and timely spot-forecasts which allows us to update key UW officials and other safety-related partners, including UW Alert messages.

If you would like the most recent, updated and accurate weather for the UW-Seattle campus and surrounding areas, do what UWEM staff do and check out these two NWS websites for starters:

In addition, Dr. Cliff Mass, a UW professor and a nationally-recognized expert in Northwest weather and climate, maintains and updates an very popular online blog complete with localized weather predictions, insight, public discussions and detailed explanations of why our local weather is so unique here in Western Washington.   Click HERE to be taken to his website.