UW Emergency Management

Department scorecard (2004-2017)

The UW Emergency Management team is continuously looking for ways to improve.  From 2004-2017, our operational metrics were regularly tracked utilizing a scorecard to keep track of progress.  The four core focus areas included fiscal accountability, internal process improvement, customer service, and employee learning & growth. balanced_scorecard_perspectives

From 2004 to 2017, we followed the nationally-recognized Balanced Scorecard approach to set, record and strategically measure our progress in tracking our goals and objectives as they relate to many of our primary activities.

A copy of last current quarterly balanced scorecard results can be found by clicking here.  Results were generally posted within 2-weeks of the close of the prior quarter to ensure timely reporting and to allow staff to develop strategies for the next quarter to address any issues that were reported in the last 3-months.

Results were publicly posted on a quarterly basis to track progress and determine if any changes were needed to address deficiencies or shortcomings.  In addition, we worked with staff and stakeholders to regularly evaluate and re-assess current measures and adjust targets and goals to ensure that our program was meeting the needs of our customers with the current resources provided.

UWEM’s balanced scorecard program was officially “sunset” in 2018 due to staff reductions and changes in leadership priorities that did not allow for adequate maintenance of program data to support ongoing reporting of past activities.