UW Emergency Management

January 12, 2022

UW Emergency Readiness Committee on Pause (1/6/22)

ERC Committee “on-pause” until further notice

Effective January 7, 2022, all activities and meetings of the UW Emergency Readiness Committee have been suspended indefinitely.

(01/06/22)  Statement from ERC Executive Sponsor, Vice President Lou Cariello:  “I’d like to officially announce today that…the emergency readiness committee is going to be on a pause.  After today’s meeting the intent will be to work on modifying and aligning the effort that we take in the ERC to align with the campus safety organization that will be redesigned re-imagined in the future.”  All current and past ERC members were officially notified and thanked for their service.  UW senior leadership is expected to charter a new Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC) to assist UW departments and units in developing and implementing plans that will further enhance the University’s overall disaster resilience posture.  Information on the future of the ERC and the new EMPC be posted on this webpage as it becomes available.  Background and historical information on the ERC can be found HERE.