UW Emergency Management

March 9, 2020

FAQs for UW EOC Responders to the COVID-19 Outbreak

What Hours will the EOC be open for in-Person Activity?

TBD, but initially we plan on only operating during normal business hours 9 am – 5 pm, M-F.

I cannot work everyday in the EOC.  How do I ensure coverage?

The EOC operates under the “Rule of 3” principle, meaning that we recommend that every department/position in the EOC identify at least 3 people to be trained in basic EOC operations in order to ensure 24/7 coverage — especially in a long event.  If you do not have 3 people identified, it is up to you (or your department) to identify who the others will be.  Notify UWEM staff of any changes or additions to your roster.

Who is Supposed to be Working, in-person, in the EOC during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Other than UWEM staff who always work in the EOC,  as of March 10, 2020, the following key response departments/positions are being asked to provide a physical presence in the EOC:  EH&S, UW Medicine, UW-IT, UW News, UW Facilities, Housing & Food Services, and Procurement Services.   Other key UW departments will be connected virtually, when needed to provide input.  If in doubt, call the UWEM Duty phone at 206.765.7192.

Is the virtual EOC (vEOC) still active and being used as an information collection tool?

Yes, the virtual EOC (vEOC) system is still being used throughout the outbreak.  Departments are encouraged to continue entering their incident activities, decisions, and resource requests online as part of the overall situational assessment.

Will the EOC be activated 24/7 or over the  weekend/holidays?

At this point, the EOC will only be activated during standard business hours, 9 am- 4 pm, M-F. However, this is subject to change at any time based on how this incident plays out locally,  nationally and globally.

I cannot make any of the pre-activation training sessions? Is that OK?

While we strongly encourage as many EOC responders as possible to attend our -2- half-days of hands-on training, orientation and workshops, we understand that due to schedule conflicts due the outbreak, that now every invitee can make it.  If this is the case, feel free to send a suitable proxy/alternate.

Is the UW Tower Open during COVID-19?  What about parking?

Unless future cordon or quarantine restriction are enacted, the UW Tower, like the rest of campus, is still open during normal business hours (7 am – 5 pm).  However, you will still need your current HuskyCard for access past the security desks.  Parking at/near the UW remains the same as in the past.  There is no free parking at or near the UW Tower.  Click HERE for access and parking information.

Will meals be provided if I work in the EOC?

For longer, extended EOC activations, the EOC logistics section will order food for our responders, or you can bring in your own (non-shareable).  The EOC always provides light snacks and coffee,tea and water for responders 24/7.

Other than myself, should I bring anything with me when working in the EOC?

We recommend that each EOC responder bring with them their own, customizable “office-in-a-box” that contains basic information  and materials that you may need to access during a crisis that you normally find in your regular office. This may include such items as key phone lists, secure USB/thumb drives containing  important files, department-specific plans, procedures, employee contact lists, quick reference guides, etc… We also recommend bringing other personal items such as presciption medications, cell phone chargers, ear buds, etc….

I’m brand-new to the EOC!  Where can I get some quick and basic, “EOC-101” background information?

If you are brand-new to the EOC , or would just need a quick “refresher” on the basic functions, department roles, command structure and procedures, we have a number of quick options to bring you up-to-speed.  Here are some recommendations to get you started: