UW Emergency Management

June 4, 2019

UW Leadership Convenes to Plan for the Unthinkable

20190528_100217Early in the early morning hours of May 28, 2019, most of us were slowly transitioning back our normal routines after a long Memorial Day holiday.  However, members of the UW’s senior leadership team took this opportunity to meet in the campus emergency operations center (EOC) to learn, discuss and share information on the importance of planning for major crises and disaster recovery.  That morning, UWEM hosted 25 members of the UW Emergency Policy Council for a 3-hour workshop focusing on the essential roles they could potentially play in responding to critical incidents impacting normal campus operations.  President Ana Mari Cauce and Provost Mark Richards were joined by both Chancellors, Deans, and a number of Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Chief of Police, and executives from key departments as they participated in a simulated disaster tabletop exercise.    This annual refresher training event provides university leadership with the basic tools and resources to allow them to better manage a variety of potential incidents that could one day significantly impact the core missions of the University.