Department of Urology

Trauma and Reconstruction Fellowship Graduates

Since its inception in 2005, the Department of Urology has produced 15 exceptional graduates of the trauma and reconstruction fellowship. Learn more about them:

James Kuan, MD, 2005-2006: Urologist, Private practice
Joshua Broghammer, MD, 2007-2008: Associate Prof, Univ. of Kansas
Thomas Smith III, MD, 2008-2009 Associate Prof, Baylor College of Medicine
Chris McClung, MD, 2009-2010: Urologist, private practice
Alex Vanni, MD, 2010-2011: Assistant Professor, Tufts Univ./Lahey Clinic
Bahaa Malaeb, MD, 2011-2012: Associate Professor, Univ. of Michigan
Brad Figler, MD, 2011-2013: Assistant Professor, Univ. of North Carolina
Laura Leddy, MD, 2013-2014 Assistant Member, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Judith Hagedorn, MD, 2014-2016: Assistant Professor, Univ. of Washington
Lindsay Hampson, MD, 2015-2016: Assistant Professor, UCSF
Paul Chung, MD, 2016-2017: Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University
Niels Johnsen, MD 2017-2018: Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
Jonathan Wingate, MD 2018-2019: Assistant Professor, Univ. of Washington
Alexander Skokan, MD 2019-2020: Assistant Professor, Univ. of Washington
Ziho Lee, MD 2020-2021: Assistant Professor, Northwestern Univ.