Department of Urology

Michael Porter

Chief of Urology, VA Puget Sound




Office Location: VA Puget Sound

I believe in providing high quality, patient-centered care. This involves knowing my patients, respecting their values and preferences and encouraging them to participate in the treatment decision process.

Dr. Porter is a UW professor of urology and an adjunct professor of epidemiology. His clinical interest is surgical treatment of urinary tract cancer (bladder, prostate and kidney). His research interests include comparative effectiveness research, cost and value research, screening for urologic cancer, epidemiology and outcomes in urologic cancer and rural access to surgical subspecialty care.  Dr. Porter is an expert in the surgical removal of the bladder and reconstruction of the urinary tract after the bladder has been removed. He also has expertise in treating prostate and kidney cancer and is proficient in minimally invasive approaches such and laparoscopy and ureteroscopy.