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Men’s Health Campaign Council Members

Loch Anderson

Allyn Perkins
PerkinsI taught Biology at Woodinville High School, and retired 5 years ago after teaching 27 years. Within a year of retirement, my husband, Loch, was diagnosed with Prostate cancer, and we embarked on a different journey than we had envisioned. We met Dr. Tom Walsh and his amazing staff at the UW Men’s Health Center as we were dealing with the side effects of Loch’s cancer treatment. One of my goals is to help men realize the importance of seeing a doctor on a regular basis, and if something bad is diagnosed, there are resources and people available to help them through the process. When I’m not working with the UW Men’s Health Center Council, I’m working with my fellow Master Gardeners in Yakima!

Dr. Hunter Wessells

Dr. Thomas J Walsh

Dr. John Amory

Stephen Anderson

Dr. Michael Bailey

Roy Chapel

Howard Cohen

Jeff Daviscourt

Dr. John Gore

Doug Haack

Travis Harth
Travis_Harth-001-croppedI started my affiliation with Men’s Health via Movember and growing a trucker mustache every November at work. That grew into meeting the UW Doctor’s via a survivor and the rest is history. I’ve now been on the UW Men’s Health Council for over four years now and am looking forward to many more. Recently I’ve stepped into the role of co-chair of our Outreach Committee; we hope to help spread the word of the resources and support mechanism that exist in the Greater Puget Sound region to those affected by a men’s health issue. While I don’t have any issues yet, I am active and involved in this so that my 15 year old daughter can know her dad is taking care of himself and knows who to talk too should something arise in the future. I’m also doing this to help promote others being able to have clean bills of health and increased rates of survival when they are afflicted by an issue.

Tyrone Jimmison

Annie Kuo

Ray Nicoli

Dr. Tristan Nicholson

Kathleen O’Connor

KO Marmot Pass

As a UW Professor of Anthropology, I got involved in men’s health through an unlikely collaboration in the mid 2000’s with urologist and men’s health advocate, Dr. Pelman. Though I was resistant—my area of specialty was women’s reproductive health—I was intrigued. We undertook research to explore factors influencing how men intersect with health, and that ultimately led to other things like my annual teaching of a popular course called “Men’s Health Across the Lifespan”, and graduate students studying testosterone dynamics in the Bolivian Amazon. So I ended up specializing in, from an anthropological (non-medical) perspective, men’s health after all, thanks to a UW urologist. Although recently retired, I am pleased to continue to facilitate awareness and action on men’s health issues through the work of this Council, supporting the mission of UW Medicine Men’s Health Center in research, clinical care, patient support and education.



Mike Pell
MPellEnvisioneer, The Microsoft Garage
I lead Design and Experimental Projects for The Garage, Microsoft’s program for curiosity-fueled, employee-led innovation worldwide. A veteran of Silicon Valley and the high tech industry, I was one of the inventors of Adobe Acrobat and PDF along with a host of other breakthrough products and services. Over my career, I have seen firsthand how we can let our health slide in favor of work and family obligations. Upon moving to the Seattle area many years ago, I met Dr Hunter Wessells and the amazing staff at UW Medicine, where I learned about their incredible commitment to this community and moving some amazing leading edge research forward. My hope is that more people in the Puget Sound area will become supporters and advocates of this great Men’s Health program. See you at our events!

Dr. Richard Pelman

Ron Penley

Rick Redman

Doug Sawyer
Long Beach Collage- Business Management
Veteran U.S. Army Special Assignments JFK Center for Special warfare
General Manager / Director of Quality Control – Marriott Corporation
Olympic Gold Medal – Frankfurt, Germany – Culinary Olympic 1972
Director of In Fight Dining and Catering Services – Western Airlines
U.S. Air Force “Sprint of 76” Catering Coordinator
General Manager Silver Tip Lodges Alaska
Resort hotels – Alaska, Colorado, Arizona – developer, partner
Director Alaska Russia Corporation- Hotel development eastern Russia
Director and Past President of the Old English Sheepdog Club of Seattle
Founding member of “The Seattle Men’s Chorus”
UW Medicine prostate surgery survivor
UW MHCC and Outreach Committee member
Board of Trustees Vice Chairman Heritage Quest Research Library
Act One Theatre- Board of Directors member

Mike Stankus

Dr. Carrie Wallin

Dr. Jonathan Wright