Department of Urology


​The Visiting Student Clinical Elective Program accepts medical students from schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education or the Education Department of the American Osteopathic Association who want to pursue clinical elective courses at the University of Washington.

Visiting students can schedule a maximum of 24 credits (12 weeks) depending on the availability of a rotation. After reaching the maximum, a student may not reapply for the next year as this is an absolute limit.

Your clerkship dates must correspond with our Clinical Elective Schedule. You must start at the beginning of the block(s) and finish at the end of the block(s).

UW School of Medicine Clerkship Policies

For students registered for UROL 680 (Urology Clerkship), contact the resident serving the location you are assigned for meeting information 2 weeks prior to the first day of clerkship. Resident’s assigned locations can be found under schedules and contacts along with their pager numbers. The clerkship rotation will run Monday through Friday both weeks. Show up in dress clothes/clinic attire, and be ready to see patients. Scrubs will be provided if needed.

Review this helpful website about Urology before your rotation:

UW Urology Clerkships – additional information and checklists (UW Net ID required)

For students registered for UROL 681 (Female Urology), the rotation starts on Tuesday and runs through Friday for both weeks. Please contact Dr. Jane Miller ( 2 weeks prior to the start of your rotation to ensure you are informed about last minute changes/details.

Clerkship Checklist

Prior to start date:
Credential and passwords at each assigned hospital
Contact residents at assigned hospital to find out when and where to report
Fill out the Clerkship required Information Survey under “Onboarding”

On rotation:
Attend all Wednesday morning teaching conferences
Attend all Friday morning chapter reviews
Attend all hospital specific Urology conferences
Read every day

Conclusion of rotation:
Evaluations of attendings and residents in E-Value.
UROL 680 students, please complete the “Who did you work with” survey under evaluations, so that the correct doctors are matched to your course evaluation.

Roles and Responsibilities

UROL 680: This clerkship gives the Medical Student a full clinical experience, with urology principles being emphasized based on rotation location. For example, the Seattle Children’s location is focused on pediatric urology. Students will participate by attending departmental conferences, working as a member of the medical team and should keep up with suggested reading on the reading list.

UROL 681: Female urology allows the medical student to observe cases of lower urinary tract disorders specific to women. This rotation will emphasize behavioral management and multidisciplinary care.

Suggested Reading List
General Urology by Donald R. Smith, Lange Medical Publications, (14th Edition). A limited number of this book is on reserve in the Health Sciences Library.
Genitourinary Tract
Tumors of the Urinary Tract
Urinary Obstructions
Urinary Tract Infections
Campbell-Walsh Urology

The Department Grand Rounds are held on Wednesdays, from 6:30 AM – 8:30 AM in SP 1122. In addition, you are required to attend the Campbell-Walsh Urology Chapter Review on Fridays, 6:30 AM -7:15 AM, UW HSB BB-1102.

School of Medicine grade review, challenge and appeal process

For more information, contact the Clerkship Coordinator: