Department of Urology

January 4, 2022

2023 – 2024 UW Urology Fellowship Applications Now Open

As we welcome in the new year, the Department of Urology is continuing to search for the best and brightest fellows who are interested in making impacts within Andrology, Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery (GURS), Urologic Oncology, and Endourology. While the Andrology and Genitourinary Reconstructive surgery fellowships are a year long, the Urologic Oncology and Endourology positions are a duration of two years. Although the deadlines to apply for these positions vary between February, and April there will be information sessions leading up to these dates. Listed below you can find more information on each program, their requirements, certain information/ town hall sessions, and application sites.

Available Fellowships

Fellowship Length Position Offered Deadline Info Session Match Date Application
Andrology 1 year 1 April 1, 2022 January 10, 2022 June 21, 2022 Apply here
Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery (GURS) 1 year 1 February 1, 2022 January 11, 2022 June 30, 2022 Apply here
Urologic Oncology 2 years 1 February 1, 2022 December 24, 2021 June 17, 2022 Apply here
Endourology 2 years TBD April 29, 2022 TBD January 2022 July 14, 2022 TBD

Andrology Open House: Monday, January 10th from 5:00-6:00 pm PST– RSVP Here
GURS Town Hall: Tuesday, January 11th from 5:00-6:00 pm PST – RSVP Here