Department of Urology

September 10, 2021

Dr. Hunter Wessells Receives Barringer Medal

Dr. Hunter Wessells, Professor and Nelson Chair of Urology has been awarded the Barringer Medal by The American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons for 2021._P5A7857_UW-MEDICINE-WISH2

Dr. Wessells is the 39th recipient of the award, and was recognized for a number of his accomplishments, including:

• Medical School: Junior AOA, Surgery Prize
• Kendall Urology Research Award that he received as a resident in 1992 (Hospital de la Salpetriere)
• AFUD Practicing Urologist Award
• AAGUS (2012)
• CSGUS (2017)
• Lattimer Award (New York Academy of Medicine); Lattimer Lecture(AUA 2019)
• ABU Examination Committee (2007-2011)
• ABU Trustee (2014-2020)
• ACS, Chair Advisory Committee for Urology (2015-2019)
• Numerous NIH Committees, including UKGD Study Section (2005-2009), NIDDK Strategic Plan (2020- ), Steering Committee Chair Stone Disease Research Network (2015- )

Dr. Wessells has trained 23 fellows, 1 in industry, 1 in private practice, 21 in academics.

The Barringer medal is named for Mrs. Emily Dunning Barringer, the first appointed woman to serve on the staff of a general municipal hospital in New York City.

In 1953, Mrs. Barringer offered a medal to be presented once every two years to a member of the Association who has achieved fame and evidenced outstanding accomplishments in the research of cancer.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Hunter Wessells for his many accomplishments and contributions in the advancement of urology.