Department of Urology

October 14, 2020

2020 Graduating Fellow Feature: Dr. Yaw Nyame

“Mentorship is a pillar of this fellowship, and the faculty are so invested in our development from the moment we match into the program.  For starters, this department is truly unique for combining clinical excellence and world-class research together.  For me specifically, the division of oncology provided me with support and opportunity to grow as a researcher and surgeon through mentored experiences with world-class surgeon-scientists and biostatisticians. This manifested itself in grant funding, high profile publications, a robust experience in managing a small clinical practice, and improvements in my technical skills as a surgeon.  My experience far exceeded any expectations I had for my personal and professional development here at UW.”
The Department of Urology is proud to have students like Dr. Nyame who further strengthen our program’s mission to heal, comfort, teach and wonder. We were also thrilled to welcome him to our faculty at UW and the Puget Sound VA as an Assistant Professor.

For more information, visit our Fellowship page HERE