Department of Urology

November 9, 2018

MHCC Co-Chairs Recognized for Contribution to GENTLeMEN Study

Loch Anderson and Allyn Perkins, co-chairs of UW Urology’s Men’s Health Campaign Council (MHCC), were recognized in an article by UW Medicine for their contribution toward the GENTLeMEN study, which is lead by oncologist Bruce Montgomery, M.D. This study assesses whether men with metastatic prostate cancer have DNA repair deficiencies.

Loch and Allyn believe in the science of the GENTLeMEN study, and they hope that the study will spur conversation.

UW Urology appreciates Loch and Allyn’s support of UW Medicine’s prostate cancer research efforts and their leadership of the MHCC.

Click on this link for the full article:

10.24.18 Men's Health Social Loch and Allyn