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2021 MEMC Students


Isabel Chapa

Isabel smilingInstitution: University of Texas at Austin
Faculty Mentor: Xiaosong Li

Isabel is an incoming junior at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. This summer, Isabel is working in Professor Li’s research group where they are studying dopant effects in electronic structures computationally. In their free time, Isabel likes to draw, bake bread, and learn about different cultures.


Leeza Gutierrez Ramirez

Isabel posing for the cameraInstitution: Southwestern College
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Yankowitz

Leeza is a junior at Southwestern College. She is getting her associate degree in Math and Biology in May 2022. The next step in her career will be transferring to a university to get her bachelor’s in bioengineering. This Summer, she is working in collaboration with Professor Matthew Yankowitz investigating transport measurements of 2D materials. Leeza is a Mexican folk and flamenco dancer. She enjoys rehearsing, playing sports, and hanging out with her family, friends, and pets.

Tran Luu

Institution: Highline College
Faculty Mentor: Peter Pauzauskie

Tran is a sophomore in the university of Washington pursuing a major in bioengineering, and a minor in applied mathematics. This summer, Tran will work in Professor Pauzauskie’s lab on a computational project using data analysis to assess amorphous/crystalline structure. She has also had the opportunity to obtain laboratory skills in nano material synthesis. With a passion for biomaterials, she plans to pursue a PhD degree after graduating with the goal of being able to one day engineer quality and affordable biomaterials for those who really need it. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, making origami, and reading from her favorite selection of books.

Alfred Moore

Alfred SmilingInstitution: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Faculty Mentor: Brandi Cossairt

Alfred Moore is a sophomore pursuing degrees in chemical and optical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Before starting college, Alfred was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician in the United States Army. This summer Alfred will be working in Dr. Cossairt’s Lab studying the surface chemistry of indium phosphide quantum dots passivated with metal oxides and their application in energy efficient consumer applications under Nayon Park. Alfred is interested in optical computers and their potential in future electronic devices and wants to develop new hardware for optical computers that are more practical in both size and cost. During his free time Alfred enjoys playing chess, running, and laser light shows.

Luis Morales

Alfred smiling for cameraInstitution: California State Los Angeles
Faculty Mentor: Alshakim Nelson

Luis Morales was born in Mexico City, Mexico and is a first-generation student starting their senior year at CSULA. Luis attended Pasadena City College where they discovered a passion for chemistry, before continuing their academic journey at CSU Los Angeles where they are currently a MARC-U* Fellow. At CSULA, Luis conducts photochemistry research, specifically singlet oxygen quenching by metal thiolates, and their mechanisms of oxygenation in the Selke lab. In additional to photochemistry, Luis is interested in polymers/hydrogels for their use in soft robotics, sustainable materials, and host-guest applications. Luis’ interest in polymers/hydrogels led them to the Nelson lab at UW. In the Nelson lab, Luis is working with graduate student Cem Millik to synthesis, characterize, and determine the physical properties of a hyperbranched polyglycerol for stereolithography 3D printing. When Luis is not in lab, they most likely covered in calcium carbonate, training for their next rock-climbing adventure.

Annette Njei

Institution: Claremont McKenna
Faculty Mentor: Lilo Pozzo

Annette is a junior at Claremont McKenna College located in Claremont, California. She is pursuing a degree in chemistry with a concentration in pre-medical studies and a sequence in Data Science. She is interested in exploring the intersectionality between chemistry and social justice issues. This summer she’s working in Dr. Pozzo’s research group under the mentorship of graduate student Maria Politi exploring different chemistries, nanocrystals, and quantum dots using high throughput experimentation. Annette plans to continue conducting research and pursue her M.D. in hopes of becoming a pediatrician. Outside of academics, she enjoys laughing, writing poetry, lifting, dancing, and spending time with her family.

Carmelita Ro-Mendez

Carmelita smiling in a hatInstitution: Yale University
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Gamelin

Carmelita is a rising sophomore at Yale University, pursuing a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering. This summer she is working in the Gamelin Group synthesizing and characterizing metal halide perovskite nanocrystals and thin films. Outside of the lab, she enjoys playing the cello and dancing.

Christian Rose

Christian smiling for camera

Institution: Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Faculty Mentor: Xiaodong Xu

Christian Rose is a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Physics with an Energy Specialization and a minor in Mathematics at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This summer, he is working in Dr. Xu’s group to assist in developing a control software which will independently control each channel of the National Instruments Data Acquisition hardware (NI-DAQ). He has previously completed two research projects which included synthesizing titanium-based perovskites to analyze their photovoltaic properties, and theoretically evaluating the scattering cross section of an electromagnetic wave incident upon a fractal configuration known as Ford Circles. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and practicing the piano.