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2018 MEMC Students

Stuart Balaban

Stuart BalabanInstitution: University of Texas, Arlington
Faculty Mentor: Scott Dunham, Electrical Engineering

Stuart Balaban is a rising junior at the University of Texas at Arlington majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in material science. He is developing interests in the research of all things regarding material science. Specifically, on how to engineer materials to improve their strength while reducing their weight. As a Veteran, he seeks to apply that research to design new and improved products for our nation’s military. Stuart is working with the Scott Dunham Research Group to determine if machine learning can predict energy systems. As a husband and a father of three wonderful children, he stays busy at home and loves to spend time with them outdoors. He and his wife also run a small woodworking business online from their shop.

Ho Lun Chan

Ho Lun ChanInstitution: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Faculty Mentor: Peter Pauzauskie, Materials Science and Engineering

Ho Lun Chan is a rising junior at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in materials engineering and physics. Over the course of two years, he has been working with Dr. Vilupanur Ravi (Cal Poly Pomona) as a McNair scholar in utilizing electrochemical techniques to characterize the performance and corrosion behavior of titanium alloy for biomedical application and porous metal alloy for energy application. In Fall 2017, he served as the engineering lead for the Cal Poly Pomona Innovation-Corps team to develop a commercialization path for his team’s bioinformatics invention, whose team was also awarded a $50K follow-up funding from the NSF for product development. His aspiration is to better understand the behavior of materials as a function of their structure, and to optimize material’s properties in accordance with its application. Currently, he is a MEM-C REU student under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Pauzauskie to synthesize and characterize nickel-doped nanodiamond for optoelectrical applications. His long-term goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in materials engineering where he can learn to develop new materials for energy and biomedical applications and to contribute his community through professorship, service and research.

Todd Eliason

Todd Eliason
Institution: University of North Georgia
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry

Todd is a rising senior at the University of North Georgia. When not studying chemistry, he likes to ride his motorcycle. He enjoys working in the North Georgia wine scene, a fun way to see a different facet of chemistry. Currently, Todd is working on a research project with Professor Daniel Gamelin studying perovskite nano-crystals.

Kaviraj (Kavi) Krsnadas

Kavi Krsnadas
Institution: Dartmouth College
Faculty Mentor: Jihui Yang, Materials Science and Engineering

Kavi is from Washington and currently studies general engineering. His academic interests mostly involve science. Although these interests are broad, dynamic, and expanding, he is gradually finding himself especially compelled by specific aspects of nature, such as electromagnetism. His research project with the Yang Research Group here at UW involves solid-state lithium-ion batteries. He hopes that his career efforts – possibly within the space or renewable energy fields – will eventually be of benefit to life on and off Earth.

Reed Martin

Reed Martin
Institution: Olympic College
Faculty Mentor: Xiaodong Xu, Physics

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s in I/O Psychology, Reed enlisted in the US Navy as a Nuclear Machinist Mate aboard the USS John C. Stennis. After serving for four and a half years, he then enrolled at Olympic Community College in Bremerton seeking a mechanical engineering degree. He plans to transfer to a flagship school to complete his undergraduate degree in the coming year. Currently, Reed is working on fabricating a magnetic tunneling junction based on 2D materials with Professor Xiaodong Xu.

Eric Reisel

Eric ReiselInstitution: Columbia University
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry; Brandi Cossairt, Chemistry

Eric is a rising senior at Columbia University studying chemistry and physics. He is particularly interested in nanocrystal chemistry and small molecule catalysis. At home, Eric conducts research in the Owen Lab focusing on II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals, both cadmium and zinc chalcogenides, particularly focusing on their electronic properties and potential for interesting small molecule reactions. This summer, he is very excited to work with indium phosphide nanocrystals and study their relaxation mechanisms through transient spectroscopy with Daniel Gamelin and Brandi Cossairt. After undergraduate studies, Eric intends on pursuing a PhD in chemistry and eventually exploring the applications of novel materials to photocatalysis of environmentally relevant molecules. Stand-up comedy is one of Eric’s favorite pastimes, as well as amateur drone flying.

Ariel Scott

Ariel ScottInstitution: Howard University
Faculty Mentor: David Ginger, Chemistry

Ariel Scott is a rising sophomore currently majoring in Chemical Engineering at Howard University. She conducts research in the Ginger lab where she focuses on synthesizing alpha-Cyclodextrine/gold nanoparticles and Azobenzene attached polymers. This will lead to research on developing a method to promote reversible binding between alpha-Cyclodextrine and the Azobenzene molecules. At Howard University, Ariel works on research concerning the release of nanoparticles in a nanoparticle-hydrogel system by external stimuli. Upon graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to gain a Ph.D in chemical engineering. When she has free time, Ariel enjoys lounging around with a good book.