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There are many discipline-specific professional meetings and conferences that invite students to share their work as posters or short presentations. If you think you are ready to share your work at a professional meeting or conference, talk to your mentor or a faculty in your department. And consider funding your experience with an Undergraduate Research Travel Award.

The UW’s Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium is a great venue to share your work in a comfortable atmosphere with fellow students, faculty, and community members.

Students can access a number of Technology Spaces to prepare and practice their presentation. Additionally, you can also email urp@uw.edu to schedule an appointment and we will provide feedback on your presentation. Preparing for your presentation is an important aspect of any conference. Make sure you are ready to share your work!

Additional conferences are listed as they are made available to the Undergraduate Research Program. Please note that the URP is not a sponsor of any of these conferences:

Additional information about various conferences can be found at:

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Research results contribute to knowledge in a field when they are shared with other practitioners in the discipline.

If you’ve made a significant contribution to an area of research, you may wish to collaborate on a peer-reviewed publication for a professional journal. Also, be sure to talk to your mentor or a faculty member in your department if you have questions about getting published.

If you have had your work published or showcased in any venue, the URP would love to hear about it. Let us know at urp@uw.edu.

UW Libraries

The UW Libraries offer a variety of resources related to publishing. Visit their Scholarly Publishing main page, but also be sure to check out information on authors’ rights and choosing where to publish. As always, you can contact your subject librarian for more help.

If you would like to share your publications online, the UW Research Works offers a digital repository to share your published work in collaboration with your community.

UW undergraduate journals

There are multiple journals that publish undergraduate work. These journals include:

Other undergraduate journals

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