Undergraduate Research Program

Rodrigo Gallardo

Rodrigo Gallardo sitting at a fountainMajor: Intended Major: Biology
Mentor: Kraig Abrams, Beverly Torok-Storb, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Contact: rodrig5@uw.edu

Current research project: Effects of Irradiation on NK, NKT and T-cells in NK Expansion Cultures





An upcoming sophomore at the University of Washington. Having research experiences during his high school career at the “Center for Infectious Disease Research” studying Malaria, and in the summer of his freshman year working under the Alva Genome Project where he had an opportunity to do research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, developing a new way of combating cancer by taking advantage of NK radiation resistance. He is still keeping his options open for how he can best put his time into research and for ways he can most effectively help underrepresented communities.

Translate your work so that we can all understand its importance
I was conducting research on developing a new method of combating cancer by taking advantage of NK cell radiation resistant.

When, how, and why did you get involved in undergraduate research?
Having mentors and seeking research opportunities during high school, I found a passion and appreciation for it and was compelled to find more opportunities.

What advice would you give a student who is considering getting involved in undergraduate research?
Try it out, be open minded and be vulnerable to gaining knowledge.