Undergraduate Research Program

Levinson Emerging Scholars 10th anniversary

Celebrating the expansive and inspiring nature of undergraduate innovation in bioscience research.

Since 2007, the Levinson Emerging Scholars Awards have supported undergraduate researchers whose passion for science never rests. Mentored by and working alongside some of the University of Washington's most accomplished researchers and teachers, these students participate in the invigorating work of advancing knowledge to solve some of society's most intractable problems.

In its first 10 years, 81 awards totaling $431,155 have supported undergraduates' advanced research projects, including funding to present their work at a professional conference. So far, 95% of Levinson Scholar graduates have stayed in a STEM field.

The stories below are representatives of this remarkable group of young scientists.

Molly Gasperini: The outsider

Molly excelled in science ever since her first biology class in high school. But would she ever feel like she belonged?

Jeff Bowman: Environmental extremist

Jeff’s lifelong fascination with oceans has led to a career that’s taken him to the ends of the Earth.

Marvin Nayan: Unexpected scientist

Growing up in the rural Philippines, Marvin thought he’d be a farmer. Taking an introductory biology class brought about a new plan.

Sasha Portnova: Stereotype challenger

Opportunities for girls were limited in Sasha’s native Kazakhstan. In the U.S. and at the UW, however, the possibilities felt boundless.

Where are they now?

Read through the list of Levinson Scholars for a quick picture of what they're doing now.

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