Undergraduate Research Program

HoP Students


Dakoda Bradley

 Reed College
Faculty Mentor: David Ginger, Chemistry

Dakoda is a rising junior at Reed College and intends to apply for Reed’s Three-Two Program in affiliation with Caltech. Her third year at Reed will be her last, followed by two years at Caltech and culminating in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering degrees. She was placed in the Ginger Lab due to her interest in renewable energy and nanotechnology. This summer, she will be studying the use of azobenzene-tethered DNA in creating photoswitchable dimer. Her time will be split between analyzing the quantum yield of azobenzene cis/trans photoisomerization in different DNA strands at different temperatures, and synthesizing photoswitchable gold nanoparticle dimers from these DNA strands. In her spare time, Dakoda enjoys reading, camping, board games, and Bethesda video games.

Matthew Ellenberger

 Yakima Valley Community College
Faculty Mentor: Christine Luscombe, Materials Science & Engineering

Mathew is a student from Yakima Valley Community College who will be transferring to the University of Washington in the fall to study Chemistry. At YVCC, Mathew has done research on various analytical chemistry topics such as water quality analysis and analysis of hops in beer. This summer he is working to synthesize a modified version of a previously made polymer in hopes of improving its efficiency as an organic photovoltaic. In his spare time Mathew enjoys video games, hanging out with friends, and reading.

Scott Merry

 North Seattle College
Faculty Mentor: Larry Dalton, Chemistry

Scott is an undergraduate at North Seattle College, majoring in Nanotechnology with additional coursework in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. His fascination with the intersection of chemistry and physics at the very small scale led him to volunteer as a Teaching Assistant for a newly developed MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) with Dr. Peter Kazarinoff at SHINE, Seattle’s Hub for Industry-driven Nanotechnology Education. In addition he did undergraduate genome research in computational cancer biology at Seattle’s Institute for Systems Biology, hybrid additive manufacturing/MEMS micromirror arrays at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Center for Micro and Nano Technology in California, and characterization of dielectric constant and resistivity of thermoplastic 3D printer filaments at Functionalize, Inc. of Seattle. This summer, Scott is working on photonics research in the lab of Dr. Larry Dalton. He is exploring the use of layered oppositely charged polymers as barriers to leakage current across thin films of electro-optic organic molecules. Outside the lab, Scott enjoys history, foreign films, manipulating the stock market, and visiting family in Alaska and Northern Canada. After graduation in Spring 2016, Scott plans on continuing research work in the North Seattle area.

Michael Sedor

 Gonzaga University
Faculty Mentor: Alex Jen, Materials Science & Engineering

Michael is a rising senior at Gonzaga University where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. At Gonzaga, he has investigated the mechanical effects of hydrogen embrittlement on austenitic stainless steel. Willing to shake things up, this summer Michael is working in a drastically different field in the Dr. Alex Jen research group, where he is synthesizing and analyzing thermally activated biochemical fluorescent sensors to detect thermal damage in composites. Outside of the lab, he enjoys learning guitar, playing soccer, and finding places with air conditioning.