Undergraduate Research Program

Undergraduate Research Seminar in STEM

Course Description

Join this interactive seminar that brings in a network of peer researchers, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni to share strategies that support you as an undergraduate researcher. Students will learn skills and develop strategies to grow in their research experience. This course is great for students about to begin or continuing their research experience. 

Course Details

Winter Quarter

GenSt 297K (1 Credit) | SLN: 22037

Weekly Class Sessions on Thursdays from 4:00- 4:50pm

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Learning Objectives

Through this course, students will:

    • Strengthen oral and written communication skills to work with faculty and research teams.
    • Build relationships with peers, mentors involved in research and scholarship.
    • Developing the ability to analyze and make decisions about the ethical conduct of research (excluding human and animal subject reviews).
    • Increase information fluency and find literature relevant to their research using research databases and search skillsets.
    • Increase knowledge and management of academic citation tools.
    • Enhance ability to evaluate sources of research information.
    • Learn about the process of publishing and sharing research in a scholarly community.
    • Identify strategies to cultivate an inclusive research environment.
  • Explore methods for managing research and time spent outside of the research environment.
  • Expand understanding of options available to them for post-graduate training or professional experience in research fields.
  • Expand understanding of research methodologies for STEM fields (e.g. community-based research)

Registration Information

This course is open to students who are about to begin research, have been involved in research any number of years, or students who are interested in research.

For questions, please email urp@uw.edu