Undergraduate Research Program


Enroll for a course offered by the Undergraduate Research Program to learn more about research and how to obtain research within a range of fields. Learn more about our courses:

Research Exposed! Approaches to Inquiry

GEN ST 391 I

Course description

Presentations by UW faculty from diverse fields focus on their own cutting-edge research and how undergraduates can get involved in the knowledge-making process at this research university. Students attend weekly, fifty-minute discussions and have the opportunity to ask the speaker questions following each presentation. This course may be repeated for credit (1 credit/quarter-3 quarters max); speakers and topics will vary. Learn more on the course page here.

Community College Transfer Student Undergraduate Research Intensive

GEN ST 391 F

Course Description

The Undergraduate Research Intensive is designed for incoming transfer students to help them attain and excel in undergraduate research positions in all academic fields. The weekly course will demystify the research process at UW and provide instruction in research-related skills and resources. All students receive one-on-one advising with URP staff and interact with peer researchers. All majors are welcome and no prior experience is needed! Learn more on the course page here.