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Be Boundless for Washington for the worldWe believe that the undergraduate academic experience is at the heart of the University of Washington. Here, students participate in innovative academic experiences where the boundaries are blurred between campus and the community, teachers and learners, and spaces for learning and practice.

Through these opportunities, students’ classroom experiences are animated, they examine intractable and emerging world issues, and graduate with an expanded, inclusive and ethical mindset. They are prepared leaders, ready to make a difference here and around the globe through their careers, service and leadership.

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For highly motivated undergraduates, the Honors Program adds rich dimension to one of the world’s top research universities. With its innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum, the Honors Program challenges students to approach issues by thinking and acting beyond disciplinary boundaries.

By investing in the Honors Program, you invest in students with the promise and potential to contribute toward solving some of society’s timely and timeless problems.

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The Husky Leadership Initiative responds to our country’s leadership imperative by making leadership education at the UW accessible, explicit and comprehensive. Through student leadership education opportunities both in and outside the classroom, the Husky Leadership Initiative helps students cultivate the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to be effective, 21st century leaders.

A gift to the Husky Leadership Initiative is an investment in a legacy of leadership for our collective future.

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