Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Accountability Frequently Asked Questions

What type of involvement should I report?

  • Undergraduate involvement in UW-sponsored PUBLIC SERVICE
    UW-sponsored public service is defined as participation in UW-sponsored service learning, volunteer experiences, or public service internships sustained for at least one quarter. The goal is to capture the number of students involved in these activities as part of their undergraduate learning, either through a course, an academic department, or an official UW program.
  • Undergraduate involvement in UW-sponsored RESEARCH
    Undergraduate research experience refers to student research projects (“research” as defined by your discipline) closely guided by faculty (staff, or graduate students) and/or contributing to faculty research. The goal is to capture the number of students working on projects that are considered to build students’ research capabilities and contribute new ideas, data, or creative work to a field of study.

There are undergraduates and graduates in the same class. Can I report that course?

Yes. Our system will automatically remove graduate students when the final statistics are tallied. As long as the undergraduates in the class are engaged in university-sponsored public service or research, you can report that course.My department collaborates with another department on a program/project. Who should report that involvement? Both departments should report the students separately so that both departments are credited with the involvement. Our system will automatically handle the duplicate entries for that student when calculating the overall statistics for the entire UW.

What happens if a student is reported more than once per quarter?

Our system will only count one activity in each category per student per quarter. If a student is reported as having multiple activities in a certain quarter, our system will only count the activity with the higher number of hours when calculating UW-wide statistics. Additionally, when calculating department-specific aggregates, the system uses the same duplicate processing at a department level.

Additional questions should be sent to acctblty@uw.edu.