UW/Community College Advising Conference

Resilience, Reflection, Response

The 34th Annual UW/CC Advising Conference was held via Zoom on Friday, April 22, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Sponsored by UW-Seattle Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising

2022 Conference Evaluation 



8:45–9:00 a.m.
Joining and Networking
9:00–9:05 a.m.
Welcome & Opening Remarks

Joslin Boroughs, Director of Advising Initiatives and Partnerships, Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising, University of Washington-Seattle

9:05–9:35 a.m.

Margaret Morris, Ph.D., Affiliate Associate Professor, Information School, University of Washington-Seattle  

Coming out of COVID

Professor Morris will share findings on how students have struggled and coped with online learning in the context of the pandemic, drawing out insights about what types of skills promote resilience. She will describe how students effectively used technology to enlist peer support and to expand their learning resources. With the return to in-person education, advisors have a unique role to encourage a continuation and adaptation of these active coping skills.

9:35–9:45 a.m.
UW Office of Admissions Update

Paul Seegert, Director of Admissions, University of Washington-Seatlle

9:45–9:50 a.m

Tim McCoy, Lead Academic Adviser, UAA Advising, University of Washington-Seattle

9:50–10:40 a.m.
Breakout Session #1

1.A: Transfer Admissions 101

Carlos Williams, Admissions, UW Seattle

An ideal workshop for new advisers, we will provide an overview of the transfer admission process, including: Academic Planning Worksheets, the Equivalency Guide, applying to majors, personal statement, the online application and more!

1.B: Engaging Students Interested in the Health Professions 

Nora Coronado, Heather Eggleston, Cher Espina, Lynn Hermanson, Chelsea Stone, Jalen Smith, Teri Ward, UW Health Professions Recruitment Collaborative

Students who transfer to the UW often have to quickly find resources to prepare them for their area of study. The health professions recruitment collaborative will share information about their various programs including contacts and resources for students. We will also introduce them to the WIHSE center which serves as a centralized resource center for middle school students through health professions school students. 

1.C: Undergraduate Transfer Student Panel

Buddy Molina, Madison Truitt, Makenzie Deshler, Lukas Illa, Geeta Iyer, UW Seattle

Members of the ASUW Undergraduate Transfer Student Advocacy Committee will share their student perspectives on the transfer journey from different community colleges to and through the University of Washington. Using insight gained from their ASUW transfer advocacy work and their own experiences, the council will lead a discussion between themselves and session attendees about additional support for transfer students and clarification around policies and resources. The goal of the session is to explore collaboration and communication between advisers to best support future transfer students. 

10:40 a.m.–10:50 a.m.
Raffle #1/Break
10:50 a.m.–11:20 a.m.
Resource Fair #1 (UW Campus Resources)

Even though we aren’t meeting in person, the resource fair is still happening! This year it will be again be held virtually through Zoom breakout rooms. This first of two sessions will feature Campus resources. Resource Fair attendees will rotate freely in and out with friendly time reminders at 10 minute increments.

11:20 a.m.–12:10 a.m.
Breakout Session #2

2.A: International Admissions 

Raquel Odom, Undergraduate Admissions, UW-Seattle

This session will highlight the international transfer application process and how it is different from the US transfer process. We want to provide advisors with information on how international students can satisfy College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADRs) with foreign high school transcripts and how foreign university transcripts are evaluated for applicable transfer credit. New advisors are encouraged to attend Transfer Admissions 101 before attending this session.

2.B: Pathway to Transfer: Key Activities from a Transfer Portfolio Course 

Jennifer Heckler and Wendy Swyt, Highline College

When transferring from a community college, students (especially first generation students) are not as sutured into the processes, terms and identifications of the four-year college experience. Students have the resilience, but how can we guide reflection about the transfer process and work with students in their response to challenges like imposter syndrome and new systems related to financial aid, equivalency guides, admissions requirements and choice of a major.

2.C: Major Pathways at UW

Joslin Boroughs, Director of Advising Initiatives and Partnerships, Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising, University of Washington-Seattle

Using student case studies, this session will outline the different pathways students take to entering a major at UW. The presentation will emphasize the important of major readiness and provide advisers with tools to support students as they prepare for a success academic transfer to UW.

2.D: Building A Resilient Transfer Plan to Engineering

Nicole Minkoff and Priscilla Yoon, UW-Seattle

This session will touch on the resilient transfer planning into UW Seattle College of Engineering. We plan to lead discussions on 1) how to support transfer students in the discernment process of selecting an engineering major and 2) how to build a robust academic plan that builds in contingencies amidst challenges.

12:10 p.m.–12:15 p.m.
Raffle #2
12:15 p.m.–1:15 p.m.
1:15 p.m.–1:20 p.m.
1:20 p.m.–2:10 p.m.
Breakout Session #3

3.A: Open Majors, Open Doors: Broadening the STEM pipeline

José Guzmán, Mikelle Nuwer and Joe Kobayashi, UW-Seattle

The number of jobs that require STEM training continues to grow, and our region has many opportunities for careers in marine environmental science. In this session, we highlight internationally-renowned science and scientists right in our own backyard and how an exciting new grant-funded program can connect your students with the fieldwork, research, mentoring and support to work with the marine environment.

3.B: Connecting Students to Jobs and Internships Before and After Their Transfer to UW

Dan Poux, Career Coach, UW Career & Internship Center

Jobs and internships can help shape students’ career trajectory, expand their professional network, build their resume, and bolster their chances of securing meaningful employment after graduation. In this session, we will unpack how we support students in finding and applying to jobs and internships, and we will arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to effectively help transfer students explore and secure these opportunities, both before and after their transfer to UW.

3.C: Meta Major Pathways at UW Bothell

Wisam Berry, Monique Taylor, Nhi P. Tran, UW-Bothell

Through an introduction of the History of UW Bothell (and the UW Branch Campus system) and an understanding of the growth of the UW Bothell campus over the last 30 years, participants will learn about the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences advising structure, the meta major pathways at the UW Bothell campus, and how advising based on caseloads in meta majors has allowed staff to build relationships with students in their major. An introduction of the 16 SIAS majors and the broader UW Bothell major structure will be introduced.

2:10 p.m.–2:40 p.m.
Resource Fair #2 (UW Majors)

Even though we aren’t meeting in person, the resource fair is still happening! This year it will be again be held virtually through Zoom breakout rooms. This second of two sessions will feature UW departments. Resource Fair attendees will rotate freely in and out with friendly time reminders at 10 minute increments.

2:40 p.m.–2:50 p.m.
2:50 p.m.–3:40 p.m.
Breakout Session #4

4.A: Transfer Student Success in the Foster School of Business

Bilen Million, Tal Lev, UW Seattle

Hear from Foster School of Business academic advisers on how to prepare students to be engaged members of the Foster community and develop a global business perspective.

4.B: Building Leaders: Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC

Mrs. Lisa Pirak, Army ROTC, Adviser, Dept of Military Science, Major Michelle Castle, Air Force ROTC, Recruiting Officer, Aerospace Science, LT Morgan Bingle, Navy ROTC, Assistant Professor of Naval Science, UW-Seattle

Learn from an Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC representative about how we develop resilient and adaptive leaders through our respective programs. Transfer students may benefit from our scholarship opportunities and by taking a basic leadership course for a quarter. There is no military obligation to try out the program. We will provide an overview of each program, eligibility process and benefits for a transfer student. 

4.C: Becoming a Husky: Creating a Meaningful Transition

Courtney Saben and Meghan Coletta, First Year Programs, UW-Seattle

Hear from the Office of First Year Programs about supporting the transfer student transition through reflection and academic planning with response in mind. We will cover the transition of events and programs to the hybrid environment, discuss transfer student data, and share key engagement strategies.

4.D: Admissions Roundtable

Carlos Williams & Raquel Odom, UW Undergraduate Admissions & Joslin Boroughs, UAA Advising, UW-Seattle

An informal roundtable conversation facilitated by a UW admissions counselor and a UW general undergraduate adviser. Whether you are experienced or new to advising, bring your challenging questions and recurring scenarios to this unscripted conversation. We can help with those tricky admissions and advising issues.

3:40 p.m.-3:55 p.m.
Final Raffle/Kahoot
3:55 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

The University of Washington is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodation, contact the Disability Services Office (DSO) at least ten days in advance of the event at: (206) 543-6450 (voice), (206) 543-6452 (TTY), (206) 685-7264 (FAX), or dso@u.washington.edu.