Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Tall of our graduating student employees and interns, we are so proud of you and honored to celebrate your achievements alongside you. With much gratitude for your service, we wish you the best!

Meet 27 of our graduating student employees, and learn about their proudest Husky moments, favorite memories and their hopes after graduation. Note that only graduating students who submitted information are listed here.

Katelyn Anderson Elise Aydelott / Trisha Beavers / Jake Benson / Maya Chen / Sydney Dahiyat / Jenny Dang / Joey Heilman / Sarah Hemmett / Trang Hoang / Mohammad Waleed Khan / Amy Kawatani / Parker Kennedy / Sarvin Mahmoodi / Stephanie Mardahl / Cassie McKenzie / Chloe Miwa / Michelle Mvundura / Angelyne (Angie) Ngo / Nathan Novy / Amaranta Lopez Olivares / Kimberly Navarro Perez / Noelle Tyau / Emily Uematsu / Judy Vue / Michelle Wu / Karen Zhang

Photo of Katelyn Anderson

Katelyn Anderson

Academic Support Programs
Majors: Biology-Physiology; Psychology

Looking back, I am so proud of how I have grown as a student and a person. I started my undergraduate time here filled with self-doubt and am leaving confident in my knowledge and abilities. Even more important to me, though, is the person I have become through my four years of experiences here at UW. My biggest takeaway: surround yourself with people who support your growth as a human being; growing is difficult, but so gratifying to experience with people who stick by you throughout change.


Photo of Elise Aydelott

Elise Aydelott 

Undergraduate Advising
Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish

I’m going to be getting my CNA (certified nursing assistant) this summer while I work on campus as a tour guide and UAA peer adviser. I’m looking to forward to getting experience in the healthcare field and going to nursing school!


Photo of Trisha Beaver

Trisha Beavers 

Dream Project
Major: Education, Communities and Organizations

I am most proud of the fact that I made the most of my time as a firstgeneration undergraduate; I studied abroad twice, I was able to take on various leadership roles within different organizations that I care about, and I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I am proud to earn my degree in education and go on to do work that empowers youth. Go Huskies!



Photo of Jake Benson

Jake Benson 

Academic Support Programs
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Spanish

am genuinely proud of the work that I have done for CLUE. It has been such fulfilling and challenging work, and has helped my own learning while giving me the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of my peers.


Photo of Maya Chen

Maya Chen 

Academic Support Programs
Major: Asian Studies

My favorite memory working as an Academic Success Coach has been the interactions with students and other Academic Support staff that have made my experience that much more rewarding and fulfilled. I will always cherish my time and memories at UAA.


Photo of Sydney Dahiyat

Sydney Dahiyat 

Undergraduate Community Based Internships
Major: Public Health-Global Health

Working for a community-based organization through the CELE center has taught me that community engagement is critical for solving social issues in that community. I am hopeful that my experiences at UW and this lesson will translate over to many other opportunities in community-centered work.

Photo of Jenny Dang

Jenny Dang 

Undergraduate Community Based Internships
Major: Early Childhood & Family Studies
Minor: Global Health

Reflecting on my time at UW, I am most proud of the community that I have formed as well as the relationships and bonds that I have developed with others. The people that I have surrounded myself with throughout my college career have truly shaped me into the person that I am today, and I am beyond grateful for their unwavering support. This past year especially reminded me to find strength within my communities, which allowed me to overcome the many challenges brought on by the pandemic.


Photo of Joey Heilman

Joey Heilman 

Office for Youth Programs Development and Support
Degree: Master of Social Work

Although COVID kept us from working physically together in Mary Gates Hall, it was an honor to be part of the OYPDS three-legged stool. Daily check-ins and socially distanced walks with Caroline and Laura kept me grounded in the work. Grateful for all of our conversations from youth protection to social justice and every cat cameo in-between.

Photo of Sarah Hemmett

Sarah Hemmett 

Undergraduate Advising
Major: Geography
Minor: Global Health

Although being a peer adviser has looked different this past year, I have absolutely loved it! Some of my favorite moments have been during our weekly Zoom staff meetings where I’ve gotten to know the other peer advisers and pro-staff through catching up and sharing advising stories. I’m grateful I was able to be a part of helping students navigate this year and I’m excited to continue working with students in the future!


Photo of Tran Hoang

Trang Hoang 

Husky Leadership Initiative
Degree: M.Ed. Education Policy, Organizations and Leadership

During my time here at UW, I have worked on different research projects to evaluate the system-wide and sustainable impacts of K-12 policy interventions. Upon graduation, I look forward to leveraging the gained experience and continuing my work in advocating for meaningful policy changes. I am hopeful about fostering collective leadership to bridge the existing opportunity gaps in the public education system, and ultimately ensure equitable education for all students in Vietnam.


Photo of Mohammad Waleed Khan

Mohammad Waleed Khan

First Year Programs
Majors: Education, Communities and Organizations; Medical Anthropology & Global Health

Reflecting on my time at UW, I am most proud of practicing equitable and servant leadership. Throughout my Husky journey, I have served with First Year Programs, UW Alumni Association, PSA, MSA, and ASUW (Associated students of the University of Washington). Within these experiences, I have felt empowered by the people that surrounded me, grown as an individual and have worked towards my goal of leaving spaces better than before. Thank you everyone for being a part of my husky experience and for making it worthwhile!


Photo of Amy Kawatani

Amy Kawatani

Riverways Education Partnerships
Degree: Psychology

Reflecting on my time at UW, I am most proud of the lasting connections I made while at UW and my growth as a person. I joined RSOs (registered student organizations), pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and I met some amazing people along the way. While there were many difficult times, I felt that I really grew as a person, and UW played a major role in who I am today. I am going to miss my time here as a student, but I am proud to be a part of this Husky family forever!


Photo of Parker Kennedy

Parker Kennedy

Resilience Lab
Degree: M.Ed. Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership

I’m so grateful to have had the chance to study what I’m most passionate about. This opportunity has allowed me to pursue a meaningful career right out of college. Thanks to everyone who’s supported me!


Photo of Sarvin Mahmoodi

Sarvin Mahmoodi

Undergraduate Advising
Major: Education, Communities and Organizations

I am looking forward to developing relationships with communities and applying what I am learning towards social action and liberation! I am also looking forward to developing my capacities as an artist with a musical collective, FRMWRK, and contributing to the growth of others.


Photo of Stephanie Mardahl

Stephanie Mardahl

First Year Programs; Office of Educational Assessment
Degree: M.Ed. Leadership in Higher Education

Throughout the last year I have done my program fully online from another state, as many other students have. Starting and ending this program completely online, I am proud of myself and my peers for giving our all to this program. In addition, I am extremely proud of the work I have done working with First Year Programs. Specifically, helping launch the new First-year Networks program in order to build virtual community and connection for first year huskies. Thanks for everything UAA and FYP!


Photo of Cassie McKenzie

Cassie McKenzie

First Year Programs; Undergraduate Advising
Majors: Education, Communities and Organizations; Psychology

I am looking forward to attending the UW’s Ed.S./Ph.D. School Psychology graduate program in the fall, where I will be working closely with Dr. Janine Jones! I am super excited to delve into research that looks at the intersection of race and mental health in educational settings.


Photo of Chloe Miwa

Chloe Miwa

Undergraduate Advising
Major: Public Health-Global Health

During my time at UW, I am most proud of challenging myself to find opportunities that gave me diverse experiences as a public health major, student researcher and peer adviser. I am grateful for the support and relationships that I built with my mentors, supervisors and peers. It has become an unforgettable part of my journey that provided me with an amazing foundation to achieve my future goals.



Photo of Michelle Mvundura

Michelle Mvundura

Resilience Lab
Major: Public Health-Global Health
Minor: Human Rights

During my time at UW, I am most proud of the mistakes I’ve made. I know it sounds weird but a large part of my growth has been making mistakes and learning from them. I am proud of how I have been able to handle the mistakes that have been thrown at me over the past four years and the ways showed resiliency through how I moved forward.


Photo of Angelyne Ngo

Angelyne (Angie) Ngo

First Year Programs; Riverways Education Partnerships
Majors: Communication; Sociology

As cheesy as it may sound, as I look back on what I have done in my college career, I am proud of everything I did! For a long time, no matter what I did, it never felt like I was making a change or helping anyone’s life. It wasn’t until I started reflecting on this prompt that I realized all of the ways I have (hopefully!) had an impact on someone’s life for the better, and how even the tiny things I have done could have helped someone out. That is what I am most proud of!


Photo of Nathan Novy

Nathan Novy

Academic Support Programs
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Climate Science

As a Chemistry tutor for CLUE, I hosted exam reviews a couple of times each quarter. Usually, 10-50 people attended, but there was one night where over 200 people came to my review session. In this session, attendees were far more engaged than usual. Students asked lots of great questions and answered their peers’ questions in the Zoom chat. At the end of the session, I was proud that I could help so many people and help provide students with an environment to help each other learn.


Photo of Amaranta Lopez Olivares4

Amaranta Lopez Olivares

Undergraduate Community Based Internships
Degree: Master of Social Work

I loved making crafts during the 2019 Holiday season with Christine!


Photo of Kimberly Navarro Perez

Kimberly Navarro Perez

Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity; Mary Gates Endowment for Students
Majors: Communications; Sociology

When I transferred to UW, I struggled to find community and a place I could connect to. But I soon found that place. I am grateful for the community and home I found at the Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity, and Mary Gates Hall as a whole. I spent the rest of my time at UW surrounded by authentic individuals and genuine conversations who have changed my academic and professional outlook.

Photo of Noelle Tyau

Noelle Tyau

Dream Project
Major: Education, Communities and Organizations
Minor: Diversity

My time at UW has been incredibly rewarding, from the people I’ve met and worked with, to the moments of professional and personal growth. Looking back on the past four years, I find myself wishing I had more time to do more things while simultaneously feeling like I’m at the end of a journey. I am proud of myself for pursuing opportunities and taking classes that pushed me outside my comfort zone and making me grow into who I am today!


Photo of Emily Uematsu

Emily Uematsu

Undergraduate Advising
Major: Sociology
Minor: Education, Learning, & Society

Reflecting on my time at UW, I am most proud of not wasting any opportunities to learn. I was able to push my boundaries of skills and knowledge because of my curiosity. I was never afraid to ask questions when I did not know the answer. I genuinely appreciate all peers, faculty and staff who supported me and inspired me every day.


Photo of Judy Vue

Judy Vue

Dream Project; First Year Programs
Major: Education, Communities and Organizations
Minor: Diversity

Being a firstgeneration college student, I didn’t know anything about college before I got here and I struggled a lot trying to navigate the school system by myself. Going through that made me want to support students who might be going through similar things so that they wouldn’t have to navigate college alone. I am most proud that I’ve been able to do that by working with the Dream Project and First Year Programs.


Photo of Michelle Wu

Michelle Wu

Academic Support Programs; Dream Project
Majors: Art; International Studies

I’m super stoked for the freedom! At UW, I was able to explore my interests and hobbies in a safe bubble. Now I’m graduating. I’ll be leaving the bubble and be able to navigate the world in a way that is solely mine.


Photo of Karen Zhang

Karen Zhang

Academic Support Programs
Majors: Biochemistry; Microbiology

Looking back on my experiences at UW, I’m proud that I seized the opportunities that interested me even if I felt unsure about where they would lead. Whether that involved taking different classes, applying to new programs, or connecting with unfamiliar people, they were risks worth taking. Sure, some were dead ends, but others were life changing.