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July 22, 2022

Transition School health and wellness instructor opportunity

UAA Human Resources

Title: Transition School health and wellness instructor
Department/Program: Robinson Center for Young Scholars
Location: Seattle campus
Full time/Part time: Part time 50% FTE
Salary/Hourly: Salary
Service period: 9.5 month (Sept. 1 – June 20)
Posting date: July 22, 2022
Priority application date: August 4, 2022
UWHires req. number: 210130
Salary range: $6,025–$6,343 (full-time rate) per month

Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) shapes, advances and stewards a world-class undergraduate academic experience for students at the University of Washington. Staff, faculty and students in UAA deepen and enrich the learning experience for all undergraduates, recognizing and supporting the unique learning path of each individual student and the commitment of each academic program to excellence in learning and teaching.

The Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars (Robinson Center) at the University of Washington is a leader in developing programs that serve the needs of highly capable young, pre-college and college students. The Robinson Center works to understand the expressions of giftedness of children and adolescents, to offer enrichment and acceleration opportunities for academically talented students, and to collaborate with K-12 educators and university academics who work with academically talented youth. The RC is committed to increasing access and fostering potential among students historically underrepresented and excluded from advanced learning opportunities.

The Transition School (TS) at the Robinson Center for Young Scholars was established in 1977 to provide educational acceleration for a small cohort of academically advanced high school-aged students. TS is a one year college preparatory program that continues to provide students with challenging, accelerated learning opportunities in a vibrant, intellectual and supportive community at the University of Washington. Each year, Transition School accepts 18-20 students who are admitted through application qualification and interview during 8th grade and attend TS during what would otherwise be 9th grade. Transition School offers students a pathway to enter the University of Washington as fully matriculated undergraduates via the Early Entrance Program (EEP) after successful completion of the Transition School year.

Students in Transition School engage in rigorous academic and scholarly skill preparation towards college level work in English, history, science, and math as well as health and wellness to support the physical and social-emotional health of students. The goal of TS curricula is not only to provide content knowledge but also the necessary skills for success at the UW.

Robinson Center’s Transition School has an opening for a health and wellness instructor, beginning September 1, 2022. This position is a project (50% FTE), non-permanent position for 9.5 months with the possibility of renewal.

This position reports to the principal of Transition School. The instructor will work with the principal to develop an appropriate curriculum, then have full responsibility for the teaching, assessment and monitoring of the course outcomes. The instructor will also serve as a member of the Transition School staff, collaborating with other TS instructors and the principal on matters of student support and recommendations related to advancement to the Early Entrance Program (EEP).

Duties and responsibilities:

Teaching and learning: planning, instruction and assessment – 50%

  • Design course outcomes appropriate to TS program’s purpose in providing academically accelerated, college preparatory learning experiences for the fall, winter and spring quarters in consultation with the principal.
  • Design and deliver curriculum that incorporates a variety of instructional methodologies appropriate to the students’ ages and in consideration of the academic ability of the students, is inclusive and values diversity, and utilizes classroom strategies, supports and practices that make accelerated learning accessible to all students.
  • Prepare course materials, lectures, presentations and select textbook(s) in alignment with course and program outcomes.
  • Cultivate positive individual and group relationships with students to ensure effective classroom management.
  • Assess all assignments in a timely manner; provide regular and specific written and oral feedback on student work.
  • Integrate multiple methods of formative and summative assessment to provide diverse opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding.
  • Complete twice-quarterly progress report assessment of student learning in alignment with course and program outcomes.
  • Maintain regular office hours to meet with students outside of class for the purpose of deepening or clarifying instruction and application of course learning.
  • Collect and review relevant quarterly data; make adjustments to instruction, assessment, and/or classroom supports as necessary to support student learning, collectively and individually.
  • Consult multiple data points to make recommendations for student supports, interventions and advancement.
  • May train, assign and supervise the work of student staff and contribute to the hiring, training and evaluation of student staff in coordination with the principal of Transition School.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Student support – 35%

  • Facilitate individual, small group, and/or whole-group meetings to assist students in processing shared learning experiences and communicating needs.
  • Recommend to, and work collaboratively with, the instructional team to develop, implement and evaluate classroom-based instructional interventions for students on academic focus or probation to support academic progress.
  • Assist in problem solving and implementing effective interventions to support students’ academic and social/emotional needs; meet with and provide individualized support as needed for students placed on focus or academic probation as needed.
  • Participate in fall and winter student/parent conferences which may occur beyond regular school hours to accommodate working families; ensure availability to meet with students/families as needed during spring quarter to discuss student progress.
  • Kindle excitement for learning in students; encourage flexibility, critical thinking and development of effective communication skills.
  • Model appropriate techniques, interventions and interactions; conduct student mediation as appropriate in consultation with the principal.
  • Participate in a positive school climate by supporting program-wide instruction and
    reinforcement of expected behaviors; assist with student management during non-instructional times as needed.
  • Contribute strategies to enhance students’ ability to benefit from the Transition School program, including making recommendations as needed for students with identified and suspected disabilities.

Program support, administrative and professional development – 15%

  • Attend regularly scheduled TS and RC staff meetings; contribute to the TS team and RC program to design and implement unit-wide goals for increasing diversity and inclusion.
  • Contribute ongoing monitoring and analysis of student progress; make year-end recommendations regarding student advancement into the Early Entrance Program.
  • Attend student and family onboarding and end-of-year events which may occur on limited evenings and/or weekend days.
  • Demonstrate supportive relationships and open communication skills with students, parents/guardians and TS and RC staff conducive to a positive and productive learning environment.
  • Use technology effectively for data collection/analysis, communication, presentations, trainings, workload management and team meetings; submit required student and employee-related documentation in a timely manner.
  • Make periodic reports to parents/guardians, as well as to the principal, to communicate relevant information regarding social, emotional and mental health impacts of academically advanced and accelerated learning.
  • Pursue training to increase professional competencies in instructional methodologies, student well-being, guidance and/or similar topics related to subject area discipline.
  • Participate in special projects as assigned and perform related duties and key responsibilities consistent with the scope and intent of the position.

Requirements and qualifications


  • A master’s degree in school counseling, school psychology, social work, mental health, education, behavior analysis or related field.
  • Minimum of three years of relevant experience.
  • Able to attend all class sessions and regularly scheduled student and team meetings.
  • Schedule flexibility to accommodate student support meetings as needed.
  • A satisfactory outcome of a criminal background verification will be required prior to hire.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in school counseling, school psychology, social work, mental health, education, behavior analysis or related field or a valid Washington state Educational Service Associate (ESA) certificate.
  • Experience teaching or working with students aged 13-15 in academic settings.
  • Familiarity with gifted education.
  • Experience with school-based curricula or strategies that address interpersonal skills, mindfulness, emotional regulation and/or distress tolerance.
  • Experience working with diverse populations and teaching/supporting underrepresented students.
  • Experience teaching at college/university level.


Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 21-14.2 requires employees of higher education and healthcare institutions to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless a medical or religious exemption is approved. Being fully vaccinated means that an individual is at least two weeks past their final dose of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine regimen. As a condition of employment, newly hired employees will be required to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination.

How to apply

Interested applicants should apply to requisition #210130 on the UW employment site. The application is open until filled with a priority date of August 4, 2022.