Trademarks & Licensing

Face coverings for UW campuses

  • For general staff and eventsCreative Communications offers UW-branded cloth face coverings that UW employees and departments can purchase, royalty-free.
  • For specific staff and eventsUW’s authorized vendors can customize face coverings for a specific UW entity. Work with them to create something special.
  • For Husky fans and anyone outside the UWSeveral retailers have branded face coverings available for Husky fans to purchase.
woman wearing a face mask showing a Husky dog nose

The University is permitting the production of UW branded non-medical grade face coverings. Licensed face coverings are available for both internal consumption/giveaways and the retail market. All royalties received by the University from sales of licensed face coverings will be directed to the UW Population Health COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. Royalties will be waived if the product is paid for by UW funds, is customized to a specific UW entity or event (e.g. School of Nursing, President’s Circle, Dawg Dash 2020), and is not being resold, even for fundraising purposes.

The requirement to use a UW licensee for the production of branded face coverings protects the University in many ways. Each licensee has agreed to use UW trademarks within our brand guidelines and to use UW marks on products that are produced in a socially responsible and ethical manner that is consistent with the UW Licensing Code of Conduct.


Under the University’s COVID-19 Prevention Plan, units are required to conduct an assessment to determine the required PPE for their employees. Units are required to provide all employees working on site at their UW work location with a face covering or job-required PPE and replace them when necessary. However, employees are responsible for laundering their University-issued reusable cloth face coverings and may use a personally purchased alternative face covering as appropriate. More information can be found in the UW COVID-19 Face Covering Policy and the UW Safe and Clean Storefront Guidelines.