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Policies and professionalism: Scenario six

One of your students asks to speak with you privately. The student tells you that following a party a couple weeks ago, she had sex with another student who is also in your department. She had been drinking and believes that she was forced into having sex without consent. Although she is not currently in a course with the other student, she often sees him around the building which brings it all up again. You student just wanted to talk about it with someone and doesn’t want you to do anything about it nor tell anyone else.


Please note: The Sexual Assault and Relationship Information Service (SARIS) mentioned in the video is now part of Health & Wellness.

Health & Wellness provides support to the UW community by working directly with students as well as concerned faculty, staff, family, and friends to reach out and connect to students who may be in need of Health & Wellness services.

Health & Wellness programs include:

  • Alcohol & Other Drug Consultation and Education
  • Suicide Intervention
  • Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, Stalking and Harassment Advocacy
  • Student Care Program