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Policies and professionalism: Scenario three

While reading a final essay submitted by a senior in his final quarter, you discover that it has no relationship to a rough draft that was submitted two weeks ago. At that time, you provided the student with considerable feedback for improving the draft. A brief Google search, using several key phrases, takes you to “ For a $25.00 registration fee you too can have access to a million original essays.”


Provide information in your course packet, syllabus, website that expresses your opinion on plagiarism and other forms of cheating. Instructors have the option of handling a case of cheating informally (the student must agree with your assessment and grading decision) or formally (the instructor must suspend his or her judgment until the Dean’s Representative returns a decision). If the student is found to be guilty of the charge, the instructor may lower the student’s grade on the assignment in question and factor that into the final grade. Instructors can use a number of strategies to reduce the incidence of plagiarism.