Center for Teaching and Learning

Symposium poster contest

We’re celebrating the UW’s 15th Annual Teaching & Learning Symposium by holding a poster contest! Three cash prizes will be awarded.

On March 1, proposals accepted for the Symposium will receive details on how to participate in the contest.

When designing your poster, consider…


  • Display is eye-catching and appealing to look at
  • Text is easy to read from a distance of 3-6 feet
  • Good balance of visuals, text, and white space
  • Organization is clear and easy to follow


  • Purpose of the project is succinctly stated
  • Importance of the project is clearly communicated
  • Broader research context and where this project fits in is clear
  • Logical  flow of ideas
  • Explanations are free of jargon and accessible to a cross-disciplinary audience
  • No unnecessary details
  • The project narrative is clear to a viewer—even if a presenter is absent—and can be understood in 1-2 minutes
  • Results, outcomes, or conclusions are clearly communicated and are tied back to the purpose of the project


When presenting, consider how to:

  • Guide the viewer with a concise well-crafted narrative
  • Field questions with responses that demonstrate subject matter knowledge
  • Draw in and create rapport the audience (make eye contact, smile, etc)

You may find the following sites helpful when designing and creating your poster:

  • UW Brand Research Poster Templates
    24″ x 36″ Powerpoint and InDesign templates designed by UW Marketing & Communications. These templates include UW logos and colors.
  • UW Design Help Desk
    Located in the Allen Research Commons, the UW Design Help Desk provides free advice to UW faculty, staff and students on designing for presentation and publication.
  • Designing an Academic PosterUniversity of Leicester
    Step-by-step guide for designing an academic poster.
  • Designing Communications for a Poster Fair, Pennsylvania State University
    Tips for designing effective poster presentations.
  • Poster Samples, University of Texas at Austin
    Poster samples along with notes highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Scientific Poster DesignUniversity of California at Berkeley/Cornell University
    A guide for designing scientific posters.