Center for Teaching and Learning

Registering for academic credit for the TA Conference

GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation

To receive academic credit for preparation as TAs, graduate students can register for GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation. GRDSCH 501 is a hybrid course — in person at the TA Conference and online during autumn quarter. The purpose of the course is to provide new TAs with post-conference support and opportunities to:

  • Connect with other new TAs
  • Explore specific teaching and learning strategies
  • Learn more about teaching resources at the UW

To receive credit, students must:

  1. Participate in a minimum of three sessions at the TA Conference.
  2. Successfully complete five interactive online assignments during autumn quarter.Please note: Assignments are designed to be completed by November 30 and are submitted online through the Canvas course website. Grading is on a credit/no credit basis.

What are the advantages of taking GRDSCH 501?

Registering for GRDSCH 501 is one way students can formalize and document their efforts at professional development related to teaching and learning.  This one-credit course offers an opportunity for students to reflect on their own interests and needs in regards to their development as TAs, and to connect to resources on campus and beyond to support this development.

Is GRDSCH 501 required?

Some departments may recommend or require their graduate students to register for GRDSCH 501 in conjunction with the TA Conference. We encourage students who are unsure of their departments’ expectations to check with their graduate program advisor.

Will registering for an additional credit increase a student’s tuition bill?

Adding an additional credit may or may not increase a student’s tuition bill, depending on a number of factors: e.g. (1) how many credits the student is taking autumn quarter, (2) whether the student is enrolled full-time or part-time, and (3) the student’s tuition category. We recommend students consult with their program regarding additional tuition costs.

How do students register for GRDSCH 501?

Students can register for GRDSCH 501 TA Preparation as they would any other course. Please see the autumn quarter UW Time Schedule for course details.

In addition to registering for the course, students must also register for the TA Conference using the conference registration site. Conference registration will open in late June.


For questions regarding getting academic credit for the Conference, please email or call the Center for Teaching and Learning at 206-543-6588.