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FAQs about the TA Conference

When does the TA Conference take place?

The TA Conference takes place every September.  For the dates of this year’s conference, please visit the TA Conference homepage.

Where does the TA Conference take place?

The TA Conference takes place in buildings on central campus.

The ITA Program sessions are on Monday afternoon (9/16/19) in Kane Hall.

On Tuesday morning (9/17/19), conference check-in/registration and the opening plenary are in Kane Hall, and the workshops all day Tuesday and Wednesday are in buildings on or near the Quad.

Who should attend the TA Conference?

Conference workshops are designed for UW graduate students, including those who are:

  • New to teaching
  • Experienced at teaching, but new to UW
  • Experienced at teaching at the UW, but are preparing for a different kind of TA role than they have held before

Workshops are facilitated by experienced graduate teaching assistants and other instructors from departments throughout the University. Workshops are designed to provide a forum for discussing effective teaching, allowing participants to raise questions and concerns and to interact with workshop facilitators and fellow graduate students.

How do I know if I should take the TA Conference for academic credit?

Please visit our GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation page to learn more about earning academic credit for the TA Conference.

Is there a fee for attending the TA Conference?

There is no fee for attending the conference. However, if you register for GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation, you may or may not incur tuition costs.  Tuition costs depend on the number of credits you’re enrolled for already, whether you’re a full-time or part-time student and other factors.

For information about tuition costs, please check with your department.

What should I do if I can’t attend?

If your department requires you to attend conference workshops and you are not able to, please notify your department.

If you would like to meet with a CTL consultant to talk about workshop topics you’re particularly interested in, please visit our contact page.

What if conference workshops conflict with department events scheduled for the same day or time?

Department events take precedence over the TA Conference. You are invited to attend as much of the conference as possible at those times when workshops do not conflict with department meetings or events.

Many departments recommend specific conference workshops for their graduate students to attend. Contact your department to find out which workshops they recommend.

If I miss the conference in September, can I attend another workshop later in the year?

The TA Conference takes place once a year, so graduate students should plan to attend in September even if their appointments don’t begin until winter or spring quarter.  If you are appointed as a TA mid-year and would like to find out more about TA Conference topics and get some of the materials, please visit our contact page to submit a request.

What should I do if my TA appointment is not yet finalized?

Any graduate student is welcome to attend the TA Conference with or without a TA appointment. You are also welcome to attend the conference in future years.

How are new graduate students informed of the TA Conference?

Departments email their TAs to let them know about the conference, what workshops the department recommends, and how to register.

How does the TA Conference relate to the International TA Program?

The International TA Program begins at the TA Conference and continues during the academic year. The program consists of two parts:

  • International TA Program Workshop sessions at the TA Conference
  • Ongoing support during the academic year, including workshops for groups of TAs and individual consultations as requested by the TA and/or by the TA’s department.

Who is required to participate in the International TA Program?

The Graduate School requires all TAs who are not native speakers of English, except those who received a Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. institution, to participate in the International TA Program. For more information about the requirement, see Graduate School Memo 15.

How can TAs who are not native speakers of English satisfy the spoken English proficiency requirement?

Proficiency in spoken English may be demonstrated by submitting a spoken English proficiency test score or by passing English 105. For more information, please see Information for TAs who are not native speakers of English.

FAQs about conference registration

What if I want to modify or cancel my TA Conference registration? 

You can modify or cancel your registration at the TA Conference registration website.

  1. Go to the TA Conference registration website.
  2. Click on the Already Registered link at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your UW email address and registration confirmation number to access the My Registration page.
  4. From the My Registration page, you can modify or unregister.

How do I find my registration confirmation number?

You should receive an email with your confirmation number when you register for the TA Conference.

You can also:

  1. Go to the TA Conference registration website.
  2. Click the Already Registered link at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Send Confirmation Number link.
  4. The registration system will send your confirmation number to your UW email address.

What if I didn’t receive a registration confirmation email?

If you didn’t receive an email confirmation:

  • Check your email spam or clutter folders.
  • Contact us at for assistance (please include your name, UW NetID, and your UW email address).

What if I entered my email address incorrectly when registering for the conference?

If you entered an incorrect email address you will not receive a registration confirmation.  Please contact for assistance.  Be sure to include your name, UW NetID, and UW email address.

How do I set up a UW email account?

Instructions for setting up a UW email account are on IT Connect’s Email and Calendaring page.

Where is the location information for my workshops?

Room numbers for your workshops are listed in three places:

  • Your email registration confirmation.
  • On your My Agenda page in the TA Conference registration system.
  • On your My Schedule tab in the UW TA Conference app.

Go to the TA Conference registration site:

  1. Click the Already Registered link at the top of the page.
  2. Enter your UW email address and registration confirmation number to access the My Registration page.
  3. From the My Registration page, click the My Agenda link.
    Room numbers will be listed below the workshop titles.

From the TA Conference app:

  1. Go to the TA Conference app home page.
  2. Tap on the Schedule icon.
  3. Tap on the My Schedule tab at the bottom of the page.
    Room numbers are listed below the workshop titles.

FAQs about the conference app

Why do I need to download the TA Conference app?

Your conference schedule, workshop surveys, and workshop materials will be available through the app. The app also provides attendees the opportunity to network with each other, post to the activity feed, and view a conference social wall.

TA Conference staff use the app’s notifications to communicate with attendees about conference-related events, opportunities, and any last minute room changes. The conference app will be available for download in late August.



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