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TA Conference

The annual TA Conference on Teaching and Learning is designed to help graduate students prepare for their roles and responsibilities as Teaching Assistants (TAs) at the UW.

Conference goals:

  • Welcome new TAs to UW teaching and learning communities
  • Provide new TAs with specific strategies and practices that support their work
  • Connect new TAs to campus resources that sustain them and their instruction
  • Assist new TAs in developing questions about norms, practices and resources within their departments

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Important dates for 2019

  • Monday, July 1: Conference registration begins
  • Thursday, August 29: Conference app available for download
  • Monday, September 16 (1:15-4:00): International TA Program workshops
  • Tuesday, September 17 (9:00-4:00): Opening plenary and workshops
  • Wednesday, September 18 (9:00-4:00): Closing plenary and workshopsView the TA Conference schedule →

Opening Plenary

Joy Wilamson-Lott, dean, UW Graduate School

Welcome by Joy Williamson-Lott

Dean of the Graduate School

When Joy Williamson-Lott became Dean of the Graduate School, she said:  “I am excited to work with colleagues across our three campuses to ensure that our graduate students, professional students and postdoctoral fellows get the most out of their Husky Experience, and that they are well prepared to act as global citizens and leaders who enrich society and use rigorous research to devise solutions to today’s pressing problems.”

Dean Willamson-Lott is the author of several books examining black higher educational history and the black freedom struggle. Her teaching focuses on education as a moral endeavor, the shifting definition of “proper education” and “liberation” for different social groups, and the educational histories of people of color.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships at the UW – What You Can Look Forward To

The opening plenary offers graduate students the opportunity to learn more about their roles as TAs, identify UW resources and policies, and hear from faculty and experienced TAs.


Eldridge Alcantara, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Eldridge Alcantara is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. He has served as a TA for undergraduate Electrical Engineering signals and systems courses, as well as a Lead TA for the department.

Collenn Craig, UW Department of ChemistryColleen Craig is a faculty member in Chemistry and teaches general chemistry to 300-600 students every quarter.  She supervises up to 12 TAs per course.

Alexes Harris, UW Department of SociologyAlexes Harris is a professor of sociology and teaches large 200 and 300 level lecture courses with 150+ students. She usually supervises five TAs a year.


Elba Moise, CTL graduate instructional consultant
Elba Moise is a Ph.D. candidate in the College of Education. Her research examines Graduate Teaching Assistants of Color experiences and emotional labor involved in teaching.  Elba teaches adult learning and development courses for undergraduates in the College of Education and co-teaches a graduate course called Teaching Theater for Change.


Workshop are led by experienced graduate students, faculty and staff from departments throughout the University and are designed to provide a forum for discussing effective teaching. They also allow participants to raise questions and concerns they might have, and to interact with workshop facilitators and fellow graduate students. Topics include:

  • Assessing Student Work in the Fine Arts
  • Canvas: Quick Start
  • Equity and Access: Helping All Students Learn
  • Grading Short-Answer Questions
  • Teaching STEM Quiz Sections: First Day and Beyond
  • What if? Preparing for Challenging Moments

And much more! Visit our workshop descriptions page for more information.

Closing Plenary

In it Together: TAs and Mental Health at UW

Co-facilitated by Natacha Foo Kune (Counseling Center) and Ken Yasuhara (College of Engineering)
In the closing plenary, participants explore the connections between mental health and academic success at UW. They learn and practice ways to support students, colleagues, and themselves. In addition, participants emerge with information on campus-based resources as well as community or cohort support.

GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation

TAs who attend three or more conference workshops can earn academic credit for the TA Conference by completing GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation.

GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation is a hybrid course — in person at the TA Conference and online during autumn quarter. The purpose of the course is to provide new TAs with post-conference support and opportunities to:

  • Connect with other new TAs
  • Explore specific teaching and learning strategies
  • Learn more about teaching resources at the UW


Participants include graduate students who are new to their roles as TAs, and experienced TAs who are taking on new teaching roles. Graduate students are welcome to attend the conference as many times as they wish over the course of their graduate careers.


The TA Conference is organized by the Center for Teaching and Learning in partnership with Learning Technologies and the Graduate School.

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