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International Teaching Assistant Program

The International TA Program was founded in 1984 to help prepare newly appointed international TAs for their roles as graduate Teaching Assistants at the University of Washington, and to assist them while they are teaching."University of Washington class sitting on a lawn. Photo by Doug Plummer."

Approximately 15% of the TAs at UW are international students, and these TAs are assigned to a variety of roles including grading, holding office hours, tutoring, leading quiz sections, conducting labs, and lecturing.

The Graduate School requires all TAs who completed their bachelor’s degree outside of the United States and who self-identify on their UW application as native speakers of languages other than English to participate in CTL’s International TA Program.

All international graduate students are welcome to participate in the International TA Program, including program events, workshops, and individual consultations on teaching.

The ITA Program has two parts:

1. Required workshops at the annual TA Conference on Teaching and Learning in September.

2. Optional consultations as requested by the TA and/or by the TA’s department, and workshops during the academic year.

TA Conference workshops and consultations focus on a variety of topics related to teaching effectively at UW.

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