Study Abroad


As an exchange student you will only be able to register for courses after official acceptance and with the creation of your UW NetID. The registration process occurs through your MyUW account and will begin during registration Period II for the quarter you are entering UW. You may receive notification referencing an Advising & Orientation (A&O) Session, but this does not pertain to exchange students.

You can view the registration dates by visiting the Academic Calendar. You can also visit How to Register for a step by step guide through the registration process.

You may register via MyUW for any courses which do not have any registration restrictions. For many upper level courses you will need departmental permission to register for the course. It is best to make this request before your registration period begins so feel free to reach out to the department advisers and let them know that you are a visiting exchange student interested in the course. Each department handles registration restrictions differently, but in general be prepared to submit your UW student number, your home university name, and your major at your home university. You may also be asked to email the most recent copy of your transcript to verify that you’ve met any prerequisites the department has.

Though we are happy to help you navigate the registration process, our office cannot provide add codes or waive prerequisites, nor can we guarantee that you will get access to courses you want. View our Academics page to learn more.