Study Abroad

Cost of Attendance

Student Financial Aid provides estimates on the cost of attendance for international students.

Tuition and Fees

As part of the exchange agreement, you will receive a waiver of tuition and technology fees. Please note that the following fees are not covered by your tuition waiver:

  • U-pass (bus pass)
  • UW International Student Health Insurance Plan (iSHIP)
  • Course fees – if applicable (Some courses charge additional fees for instructional and/or laboratory costs that are not covered by the tuition waiver.)

At any time during your exchange you may find your current balance and other account activity on your MyUW account.

Our office will pay your tuition-related charges by the tuition due date, which is the third Friday of each quarter. You must pay fees not covered by the tuition waiver in full before this deadline. For more details on how to make payments please visit the Registrar’s Payment of Tuition & Fees.

Accessing Funds

Upon arrival, you will immediately have several expenses such as housing, books, and personal items. You may want to bring a small amount of U.S. currency with you or at least be sure that you can access money from an automated teller machine (ATM).  Be sure to check with your bank in your home country to learn the procedures for transferring funds from your home country.