Study Abroad


STEP 1:  Home University Nomination

Whether you intend to attend UW as part of a departmental exchange, or through the University of Washington Graduate Direct Exchange, you must be officially nominated  by your home institution in order to attend the UW as a graduate exchange student. Once you have been nominated, your home school coordinator will share the application link with you and you may begin the application process.

STEP 2: Reach out to Department of Interest

Note: Graduate students participating in a departmental exchange, do not need to reach out to the department directly. If you were nominated by your home university to a departmental exchange, the UW department should know you are coming on a departmental exchange.

If you are applying as a graduate student to the University of Washington Graduate Direct Exchange, you should reach out to the department you are interested in taking courses in, to see if those courses will be available for incoming Visiting Graduate students on exchange. Not all departments will accept graduate students, and so it is up to you to communicate directly with the department.

STEP 3:  Complete Applications

As an incoming graduate exchange student, you must complete both the University of Washington Graduate Direct Exchange application, as well as the University of Washington Graduate School application (both online).

University of Washington Graduate Direct Exchange Application

The following documents must be included in your UW Exchange application. It is not necessary to submit any of these documents as hard copies. Please note that incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

  • Copy of passport identification page.
  • Official bank letter or bank statement verifying access to funds indicated in your Statement of Financial Responsibility questionnaire. You must prove you can cover your non-tuition expenses for the duration of your exchange. The Graduate School provides estimates on living expenses. If submitting a bank letter, it should be signed and/or stamped by a bank official.
  • Academic transcripts (preferably in English) from each college, university, professional or technical school attended. The minimum grade point average (GPA) should be the equivalent of 3.0.
  • Copy of Graduate Application (see Step 2 above).
  • Verification of English Proficiency (if applicable). Every exchange visitor must possess sufficient proficiency in English to successfully participate in the program and function on a day-to-day basis. Federal law requires sponsors use and retain evidence of the following “objective measurement” to determine the student’s English language proficiency.
    • TOEFL (IBT): 92 You should submit a scanned copy of your TOEFL score report. Some graduate departments may require a higher score.

University of Washington Graduate School Application 

You will need to complete the Graduate School online application as graduate admissions decisions are made directly by the department.

Please visit the Visiting Graduate Students web page and complete the online Application for Graduate Study.  Select GRADUATE VISITING when selecting your program or department and complete all required fields.

In most cases you will be required to submit a personal statement as part of the application. In order to be a competitive candidate, your personal statement should clearly explain your background in the field of study, what you would like to study/research while at the UW, your future career interests, and other information about yourself that you feel is pertinent. We encourage you to identify unique and/or common research interests (with our faculty) and incorporate these points into your statement of purpose. Information about faculty research is generally available via each department’s website.

Note: Graduate exchange students are not eligible to participate in any fee-based programs listed here.

STEP 4: Receive “UW Exchange Acceptance Letter” 

The UW Study Abroad Office will upload a copy of your “UW Exchange Acceptance Letter” to the Documents Section of your Study Abroad application. You will then use that letter to request your DS-2019 for your visa. You should keep this letter with all of your travel documents.

STEP 5: Complete DS-2019 Request Form

Once you have been accepted to study abroad at the University of Washington, you will need to submit a DS-2019 Request Form, to receive your DS-2019 and apply for your U.S. Visa. You will need to attach a copy of your “UW Exchange Acceptance Letter” to this form.


To ensure that students are admitted, receive their immigration documents, and have their tuition paid on time, applications must be received by the dates below:

  • For exchange students beginning summer/autumn quarter:  April 1st
  • For exchange students beginning winter quarter:  August 1st
  • For exchange students beginning spring quarter: November 1st