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Intern globally and virtually this summer!

Summer application cycle has ended, check back for Fall opportunities

While you may not be able to go abroad this year, remote internships allow you to gain experience across the globe from the comfort of your own home. With options in cities all over the world and the career field of your choice, you could end up:

Projects might include:

  • Building prototypes on software or maintaining code quality and organization
  • Tracking political, security, and humanitarian developments in a geographic region
  • Producing reports on the business’ potential growth strategy over 12 months
  • Developing green marketing strategy for sustainable products
  • Designing architectural concepts for a firm.

Benefits of Virtual International Programs

Virtual Internships make sense for students who want a globally-engaged professional experience and .

Grow your global network

You’ll get firsthand experience in another work culture, meet people from around the world, and make professional contacts and references for the future.

Build your resume

Many internships focused on assigning projects where you can develop your organizational or technical skills, leading to concrete accomplishments to tout.

Affordable and Accessible

Online opportunities may reduce certain financial barriers and allow students to gain international experience from home with no need to relocate.

Explore your areas of interest

Our providers can match you to an opportunity in a desired career field or desired location. Gain practical experience and develop your future goals.

Intern through a world-class educational provider

Find the right option for you! Compare the programs below for cost, hours, areas of focus, and more.


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Decide on your area of focus and CIEE will find a match for you in major world hubs.

Dates: Jun 14 – Aug 6, 2021 (8 weeks)
Hours: 200-240 hours
Cost: $1,450 + $460 (UW Study Abroad Administrative Fee)
Credit: 0-6

Interest Areas & Locations

With CIEE, you get to choose your two top areas of focus from the options below:

  • Arts
  • Business Development & Sales
  • Business Finance & Accounting
  • Communications
  • Data Science & Data Analytics
  • Design
  • Digital Health
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Marketing
  • Media, Film, & Photography
  • NGO
  • Social Media
  • Sustainability & Environment

CIEE encourages applicants to prioritize their academic and career goals over a geographic preference, however participants can communicate a location preference of interest during the placement process from their network of employers in 15 different cities:

Berlin, Barcelona, Boston, Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Santiago, Seville, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto, Tokyo.

Virtual Internships

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Choose from 18+ various career fields and dive into a meaningful project. You’ll also get to select your top 3 countries of interest.

Dates: Full Summer, Summer A, or Summer B
Hours: 120-360 hours, (20 or 30 hours/week)
Cost: $1,195 + $460 (UW Study Abroad Administrative Fee)
Credit: 0-6

Interest Areas & Locations

With Virtual Internships, students are guaranteed internship placement in their #1 Career Field of choice, from our list of 18 career fields.

  • Business
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Creative, Design, & Fashion
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurships & Startups
  • Finance
  • Sustainability, & Environmental
  • Health, Sports Management
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality, Tourism, & Events
  • International Development
  • Legal
  • Logistics &amp Supply Chain
  • Marketing
  • Media, Communications, & Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • Recruitment & HR
  • Urban Planning & Architecture

You will also select your top 3 locations of interest and are guaranteed an internship in one of these locations. Virtual Internships can guarantee internship placements in the following locations:

Canada, Mexico, United States, France, Germany, Spain, Nordic Region, Turkey, United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya


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Pick from a menu of specialized programs with real-world impact in a number of different countries.

Dates: June 14 – July 23, 2021 (6 weeks)
Hours: 225 total, (37.5 hours/week)
Cost: $1,500-$2,400 + $460 (UW Study Abroad Administrative Fee)
Credit: 0-8


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Connect directly with vetted social impact organizations while engaging in an online curriculum designed for critical reflection

Dates: Full Summer, Summer A, or Summer B
Hours: 120-360 hours
Cost: $500 + $460 (UW Study Abroad Administrative Fee)
Credit: 0-12

Interest Areas & Locations

Omprakash Partners are autonomous grassroots social impact organizations that span 50 countries and work in fields including education, public health, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, law, human rights advocacy, migration, and more. Participating UW students are encouraged to apply for internships with multiple Partners and select the one that seems like the best fit for them.

More than 150 virtual internships are currently available across the Omprakash network. Here is a snapshot of some of these opportunities:

  • Video Content Creator – Pamoja Leo, Kenya
  • Translation Assistant – Iracambi, Brazil
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Officer – International Conservation and Clean Up Management, Malawi
  • Disabilities Research Assistant – HI HOPES, South Africa
  • Digital Storyteller – Foundation for African Empowerment, Tanzania
  • Content Development – Sankalp, India
  • Curriculum Development Volunteer – EduCARE, India
  • Assistant in Communication & Outreach – JVE, Togo
  • Virtual Music Teacher – Clave de Sur, Ecuador
  • Homework Tutor – Fundacion Domingo Savio, Chile
  • Accounting Tool Development Volunteer – Mission for Community Development, Uganda

Some Partners also invite students to be creative and propose their own internship positions.

How to Apply

Once you have chosen the right program for you, we recommend that you start your application process with us. Click the button below to start a UW application.

Once you complete your UW Study Abroad application, you will need to complete an application to your chosen partner separately.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the credit work for virtual internships?

    • You will be enrolled in a placeholder course at UW called Foreign Study (FSTDY 300). When your internship is complete, this placeholder course will be converted to General Studies (GENST) 350 credit.
    • The amount of credit is based on the total number of hours that you work. See chart below to determine your credits based on your internship program. For example, for a 20 hour/week for the full summer (9 weeks) internship with Virtual Internships, you are eligible for 6 credits.
    Credits Minimum total hours at internship
    1 30
    2 60
    3 90
    4 120
    5 150
    6 180
    • You also have the option to register for zero credit, if you do not wish to receive credit. The internship will still appear on your transcript but not add to your total UW credits.

    Will I receive a grade?

    All internships are credit/no credit.

    Is financial aid available?

    Yes, financial aid is available for qualified students that take an internship for a minimum of 6 credits.

    Are there scholarships available for virtual internships?

    Students will be considered for UW Study Abroad Scholarships if they apply by the priority deadline (April 1, 2021 for Summer Quarter 2021).

    Why should I choose a virtual international internship over a local opportunity?

    • Develop digital skills that are important in the 21st century. According to the Pew Research Center, internet literacy is an extremely important career skill, not only when it comes to building your resume but also when finding that all-important first job
    • Enhance your familiarity with digital tools and tech-based work
    • Boost your resume. Virtual internships demonstrate a diverse set of skills that are of high value to employers
    • Save costs and reduce your carbon footprint. No travel is required to build global skills and an international network
    • Make connections in major organisations and network globally
    • Learn how to communicate in a professional setting and gain vital experience for your résumé and include experience that you can leverage to land your next opportunity

    How do virtual internships work with different time zones?

    • All internship placements will have required meetings or check-ins with your supervisor. You will work together to find the time that works best for both time zones.
    • The rest of the work on your project(s) will be done at flexible times that work best for you. Learning to successfully work across time zones is

    Can I combine my internship with online UW courses?


    Will the internships be in English?

    Yes, internships through all the providers listed are in English. However, you may have the option to use language skills depending on your placement and proficiency level.

    How competitive is the program?

    • The program is not competitive. Students will go through a placement process that will help identify an internship that matches their skills, experiences and goals with the organizational needs and offerings.
    • The placement process will look slightly different with each program. You can read more about VI’s placement process here.

    What type of equipment/technology do I need?

    A computer or tablet with video/audio capabilities. If the organization you are interning with needs to to have certain software programs, they should provide access.