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UW Study Abroad provides hundreds of study abroad and internship options to UW students. To help you design a strategy for your program search and navigate your options read Getting Started. To explore various study abroad program models available to you select from any of the program links or scroll down the page.

University Exchanges

Chinese University of Hong Kong

UW has more than 70 student exchanges with universities around the world that are available to undergraduate and graduate students in most fields of study. Exchange participants pay an exchange fee equal to UW tuition and attend regular classes at the partner university for a semester or an academic year. Instruction is generally in the language of the host country but a significant number of partner universities also offer courses in English.

For detailed information about UW partner universities or to apply to a specific exchange program, select from the regions below and link to the brochure of interest.

University exchanges are well suited for students who want access to university courses in a variety of academic disciplines, seek full immersion in the student life and culture of a foreign university and society, and desire a high degree of personal independence.

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Departmental Exchanges

Departmental Exchanges generally focus on a specific academic discipline and restrict participation to students in the department. Applications and student selection for Departmental Exchanges are managed by the academic department. Students interested in Departmental Exchanges should contact the department for information and application instructions.

UW Programs


Rich Watts MartiniqueUW Programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad with programs organized and taught by UW faculty. UW Program participants pay a program fee (in lieu of UW tuition) and take coursework and participate in field studies that focus on specific academic themes or proficiencies. Most UW Programs, with the exception of those sponsored by UW language departments, are taught in English. UW Program dates generally correspond with UW term dates. Participants receive 12-15 UW credits for full quarter options and 6-15 credits for Summer A or Summer B programs.

UW Programs are well-suited for students who want coursework in specific areas of study, wish to study abroad for a period of time that mirrors the UW academic calendar, desire some on-site support, and have limited or no foreign language background.

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Summer UW Programs

Autumn UW Programs

Winter UW Programs

Spring UW Programs

Exploration Seminars

Ecuador - "The Meeting of Cultures"

Exploration Seminars are short-term study abroad programs (3-4 weeks) led by UW faculty that take place during the gap period between the end of the UW summer quarter and beginning of autumn quarter. Similar to UW Programs, Exploration Seminars focus on specific themes pertinent to the program location. Most Exploration Seminars do not require foreign language background. Students earn five credits for the seminar.

Exploration Seminars are well-suited for students who want coursework in specific areas of study,  a short study abroad experience that  does not conflict with the UW academic calendar, desire some on-site support, and have limited or no foreign language background.

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UW Partner Programs


Uganda - Orla Duggan (Affiliated Program - SIT)UW Partner Programs are approved study abroad options administered by other universities, study abroad program providers, or foreign language schools. Depending on the program, instruction may be in English, the language of the host country, or a combination of the two. Some UW Partner Programs focus on specific topics while others offer a wide range of course options in various subjects. UW Partner Programs vary in length from a quarter, to a semester, to an entire year. Participants receive regular UW credit for coursework completed.

UW Partner Programs are well-suited for students who seek coursework in specific or varied fields of study, desire on-site support, and may or may not have proficiency in a foreign language.

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Africa and the Middle East





IE3 in PeruUW Global Research, Internship, and Service Program (GRISP)

UW Global Research, Internship, & Service Program (GRISP) is a campus-wide program offered by UW Study Abroad targeting students seeking independent research, internship, and service-learning experiences around the world. GRISP provides a vetted network of opportunities and a common pathway for students to reflect on shared thematic questions, connect with each other, and engage with communities abroad.


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Fieldwork, Research & Independent Learning Abroad (FRILA)

Independent Learning in Japan

Fieldwork, Research & Independent Learning Abroad (FRILA) allows students to engage globally while maintaining student status and receiving international travel security coverage.

Our Fieldwork, Research & Independent Learning Abroad (FRILA) program, formerly known as “Independent Learning Abroad”, allows students to undertake degree-related international travel (whether for credit or not) while being fully enrolled at UW, covered by insurance abroad, and supported by UW Global Travel Security to ensure their health & safety.

FRILA – For Credit

This option is for students who are seeking to earn UW credit for their Independent Learning Abroad. Students who choose this option are able to receive 1-30 graded credits per quarter of enrollment.

FRILA – Zero Credit

Some students may not need credit for their Independent Learning Abroad, but still want their transcript to reflect their academic work overseas. Independent Learning Abroad – Zero Credit allows students to be enrolled in zero credits of FSTDY 555 for each quarter requested.  A grade designation of “CR” will be recorded on a student’s official transcript at the University of Washington at the end of each quarter of enrollment.

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