Study Abroad

Getting started

Step 1: Learn the basics

We have created two online courses to help you learn about study abroad. You can start the courses and return to them at anytime.

Study Abroad 101

An intro to the study abroad options and info about next steps. 

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Let’s Talk Money

How to fund, budget, and afford your study abroad program. 

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Step 2: Create an advising profile

If you would like to meet with an adviser to discuss your options, create an advising profile in our online application system. This profile will ask you questions about your interests, intended destinations, and areas of study. It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers yet! We can help you find a program that’s right for you.

Once you fill out a profile, we will guide you through next steps, whether that’s setting up and advising appointment, attending an info session, or meeting with a faculty program director.

Open an Advising Profile

Step 3: Find your program and apply

The best fit program for you is very personal. You will want to consider things like your academics, finances, personal commitments and goals, location interests, independence level and the type of experience you would like abroad. Some students will pick a program related to their major and others will choose to explore a new subject area to expand their knowledge and broaden their experiences (often for elective or Areas of Knowledge credit).

Search for a program

On our website you can search by different program parameters, including location, term, focus (major) and program type. If you have trouble narrowing down the program options, visit our Appointments page to schedule a time to talk to us.

Ways to find a program


You will apply online for your program of choice (you can apply to up to 3 programs in a term). If you have questions about the application process, reference our Applications and Recommendations page.

Action Items: 

  • Once you find a program, click the “Apply Now” button in the online program brochure
  • Complete the application requirements:
    • Most applications consist of 3 short answer questions, 1 recommendation survey from an instructor (not a full recommendation letter) and your electronic signature on several study abroad policy documents.
  • Contact our office if you have questions.