Study Abroad

S/NS Grading Option

If you are taking regular courses at the UW, this is NOT the request for you. Contact the UW Registrar.

If you are interested in changing the grading for one or more of your study abroad foreign courses to a Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS) basis, you can submit an S/NS Grade Request, found in your online program application.

An “S” grade is automatically converted from a numerical grade of 2.0 or above for undergraduates. Courses graded with an “S” can only be used as general electives and cannot be used to satisfy a university, college or department course requirement. An “S” is not computed in GPA calculations.

Effective Autumn 2021, requests must be submitted to UW Study Abroad by the last day of your program. If you are participating in a University Exchange program a request must be submitted by the last day of the host university’s term.

A grade less than 2.0 for undergraduates is converted to “NS.” “NS” is not included in GPA calculations. No credit is awarded for courses in which a “NS” grade is received. No more than 25 S/NS credits may apply toward an undergraduate degree.

Find your program application to submit an S/NS Request