Study Abroad

Direct Enrollment in Country of Citizenship Abroad (DECCA)

UW Study Abroad is now allowing undergraduate students to enroll in academic programs offered in English in their countries of citizenship, for Summer quarter 2021 (A and B terms).

The DECCA option is no longer being offered for Autumn 2021 and beyond.

Important Considerations


To be eligible, you must hold a passport from the country in which you propose to study: you are either an undergraduate international student from that country, or a dual citizen of that country and the United States.

Tuition & Fees

You need to contact the school directly and find out how to enroll and pay tuition. You are responsible for making any such payments, and ensuring that you are properly enrolled at the institution abroad.

  • You do not have to pay UW tuition while you are enrolled abroad.
  • You must pay an administrative fee of $450 per quarter to UW Study Abroad to remain concurrently enrolled and earn UW credit for your coursework abroad.

Enrollment Status & Visa

You will be enrolled full-time at UW while you are studying abroad.

DECCA Process

Find a School Meet Academic Adviser Complete Application UWSA Enrolls Credit Conversion
  • Responsibility of applicant
  • Accredited
  • Instruction in English
  • Course descriptions or syllabi
  • 12 UW quarter credits per quarter
  • Meet academic adviser
  • Review course descriptions or syllabi with adviser
  • Discuss possible courses
  • No guarantee for specific courses
  • Apply through UW Study Abroad website
  • Check deadlines
  • Purchase insurance
  • Submit Travel Waiver
  • Acknowledge ISS rules
  • FSTDY 300
  • 12 credit placeholder per quarter
  • $450 fee quarter due at tuition deadline
  • Maintain ISS status
  • Submit official transcript to UWSA
  • UWSA creates credit evaluation form
  • Courses approved by academic advisers

How to Apply

Research & find a school

  • You need to identify a university, college, or program in your country of citizenship: this is your responsibility. To be eligible, the school must:
    • Be accredited (approved) by the relevant Ministry of Education (or Higher Education) in your country.
    • Course instruction must be in English
    • Have detailed course descriptions or syllabi for the courses you intend to take.
    • You must enroll in the equivalent of at least 12 UW credits (full time enrollment) per UW quarter. More information on calculating this is available here.
  • Identify the courses that you plan to take, and collect detailed information or syllabi about these courses. The more information you have, the better.
  • Be careful in identifying summer course offerings! Make sure that summer courses are actually offered by the university you are considering.

    • Many universities rent out their facilities to for-profit providers during the summer and those providers may not be affiliated with the university – so their courses may be of lower quality.

Meet with your academic adviser

You can meet with an academic adviser in your UW home department (if you currently have a major) or with your general adviser (if you are a pre-major) to first discuss your plans and to review the courses you plan to take. If you want to identify possible UW equivalent courses that you could use towards your UW degree, you will need to meet with the individual departments that correspond with the course topic. Prior to transferring the credit back to UW, there is no guarantee of how the credit will be evaluated. If any of your credits are not approved by any UW departments then they may still show up on your transcript as UW General Studies credits (GEN ST), and count towards your credit total.
Find more information on credit conversion here.

Credit approval authority lies entirely with UW academic departments, not with UW Study Abroad.

Review requirements for international students

If you are an international student, review the UW requirements for international students to maintain their U.S. visa status during study abroad

Consider health and safety

As part of your application, you will need to submit a travel waiver request due to the current UW travel restriction, as well as worldwide travel warnings. You will also be required to purchase the UW Student Abroad insurance unless you apply for and receive an approved insurance waiver.

Once you have taken these steps, submit an application below

Apply here

What happens next?

After you open an application

  • You will be asked to provide UW Study Abroad with information about the dates of your program, the institution in which you intend to enroll, and insurance.
  • The application will first ask you for an “itinerary.” You should enter the dates of the term in which you intend to enroll abroad. These dates should match the information in the “Dates of Instruction” questionnaire, required to complete your application. The arrival date should be the first day of instruction at the university in which you intend to enroll. The departure date should be the last day of instruction at the university in which you intend to enroll.
  • Many institutions abroad will require a letter of endorsement from the UW in order to enroll. UW Study Abroad will generate this letter for you within 2 business days after you open an application. You do not need to contact us to request the letter.
  • Complete the application by the posted deadline. If you application is approved, UW Study Abroad will enroll you for a placeholder course for the term(s) you are completing coursework abroad.
  • You will also be required to purchase the UW Student Abroad insurance unless you apply for and receive an approved insurance waiver. Find more information on how to petition for an approved insurance waiver here.
    • Here is additional assistance for Chinese citizens who will be requesting an insurance waiver.

After the program ends

  • You will first need to make sure that the school you are enrolled in sends your official transcript to UW Study Abroad so we can start the credit evaluation process.
  • You will then use the UW Study Abroad online credit evaluation process to share course & credit information with your academic advisers, and seek approval for equivalent UW courses & credits.
  • Once all your credits have been evaluated by UW academic advisers, UW Study Abroad transmits final approved credits & grades to UW Graduation & Academic Records, who will place those credits on your transcript as regular UW credits.
  • Your final approved credits will replace the FSTDY 300 placeholder on your transcript.

Credit Conversion & Major Requirements

Here are the usual credit equivalents for schools outside the United States:

  • Semester system outside Europe (1 semester credit = 1.5 UW quarter credits)
  • Semester system in Europe ( 1 ECTS = .75 UW quarter credits)
  • Quarter system (10 contact hours = 1 UW quarter credit)

How your credits will appear on your UW transcript is determined by UW departments, specifically academic advisers, who may share syllabi with faculty to help with this process. UW Study Abroad will not determine this.

  • Individual academic departments can tell you if and how any credits may count toward specific degree requirements.
  • All of your foreign credits will be converted to UW credits. 
  • If any of your credits are not approved by any UW departments then they will still show up on your transcript as UW General Studies credits (GEN ST), and count towards your credit total.

S/NS Grading

  • If you are interested in the S/NS Grading Option for the foreign courses you are taking locally, please submit a request with UW Study Abroad.
  • S/NS Grading Option requests for UW courses being taken online should be done so with UW Registration via MyPlan.