Study Abroad

Field advances and meal per diems

As you prepare to depart, please read the following information on finance items relevant to this phase of your program.

Complete Advance Payments

The Study Abroad F&A team is here to help you make as many program payments in advance as possible so you will have less to worry about during your program. At minimum, you should have made payments for the following primary expenses:

  • Program faculty/staff airfare to your program location
  • Faculty/staff housing in program home base
  • Student housing in program home base

See “Creating Your Spending Plan” for more information about making payments.

Field Advance

Study Abroad F&A will supply you with a field advance for expenses you can only pay in the field. For detailed information on field advances, view the Study Abroad Field Advances web page.

Meal per Diem Allowances

Program staff meal per diems are processed automatically by Study Abroad F&A. Make sure you and your staff have set up direct deposit in Workday so your meal per diem will be directly deposited to your bank account. Meal per diem allowances are disbursed as follows:

Program Length Meal per Diem Type
Short-term Meal per Diem Reimbursement
Quarter-long Meal per Diem Advance

All meal per diem allowances for short term programs are paid by reimbursement through the Ariba system. Because Study Abroad office policy allows only 35% of the maximum meal per diem allowance, we are able to reimburse you about a third of the way through your program. Watch your inbox for an approval request via Ariba. Once approved, your meal per diem allowance will be directly deposited to your personal bank account.

Meal per diem allowances for quarter-long programs are paid as advances through the Ariba System. You will receive an approval request from Ariba within 30 days before your program start date. Once approved, your meal per diem allowance will be directly deposited to your personal bank account.

Following your program, Study Abroad F&A must reconcile your meal per diem, asserting that you used all the funds allotted to you. You will receive a second approval request from Ariba for the reconciliation. Please approve it as soon as possible.